Brett Moffitt secures sponsorship to race at Chicagoland and Kentucky

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Todd Bodine breaks the news that title contender Brett Moffitt has found sponsorship for the next two races and will remain eligible for the playoffs.

- And here's another interesting story, Brett Moffitt, a couple of victories this season. But they were without funding. And-- and they were unsure if they were going to be able to go to Chicago.

He wins at Iowa. And now they have learned they have sponsorship, Todd. They're going to continue, at least two more races.

- Yes I talked to uh, Scott Zipadelli, crew chief, talked to him yesterday about midday. And at that point, they weren't going to Chicago. They had no sponsor, no way to get there. Fortunately, last minute, 24th hour, somebody stepped up. FR8Auctions, I think they say Freight Auctions, came in there, two races.

Great for them because, you know, this-- this team, in my opinion, is one of the guy-- one of the teams that can go all the way. I think they can make it all the way to the finals at Homestead. And it would have been a shame to not have him be able to do that.

- And here's the thing you have to remember, if-- if he had not gone this weekend to Chicago, did not attempt to qualify those victories, basically you're taken away when it comes to qualifying for the playoffs. To be playoff eligible, you must attempt to qualify at every event. So that's a-- a big deal, that they were able to find funding.

And as you said, this is a team that certainly has a chance to win the title. And-- and it kind of like this guy, Stewart Friesen. We're going off to Chicago. Good for him, because it's another mile and a half.

- I've-- people are going to get sick of me talking about Stewart Friesen. But I really believe that he's going to be able to win one of these races. And this is a great chance for him, another mile and a half. I mean, he's got an average finish of 4.4 in mile and a half's.

The only one better than that is Johnny Sauter, the Sauter Train. This is incredible what he can do on his mile and a half's. And I think that this is another opportunity, going to Chicago. If-- if he can do everything right, not make the mistakes like he made last week, he made a couple mistakes. But he's really good. And I-- I'm looking forward to watching him.

- What I love about him, his-- his confidence is up.

- Yeah.

- Expectations have changed. They're pretty high, as well. And-- and that's how you start knocking on the door of that first career victory.