Austin Dillon and Larry McReynolds pick their winners for the last ten races before the playoffs

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Austin Dillon and Larry McReynolds make their picks for who they think will win the final ten races before the playoffs begin.

- Larry and Austin are going to pick the drivers that win those 10 events leading to the playoffs. The only caveat here-- you can pick a driver only one time. Larry, you lead us off. Who gets it done Sunday Chicagoland Speed?

- Yeah, I'm going to go for some low-hanging fruit here. I'm going to say Mark Truex, Jr. gets his third consecutive win at Chicagoland Speedway.

MALE SPEAKER: Just jumped right out there.

- Yeah, you're taking [INAUDIBLE] right off the bat, huh? So again, once you use you someone, you cannot use them again. So Daytona, Mr. Dillon, who you going with?

- Well, considering the three car won the first one, we might as well sweep it. I'll take myself at Daytona.

FEMALE SPEAKER: There you go.

- Stage Manager, can we get a broom in here, please? It's a sweep for Austin Dillon at Daytona. Now we go to Kentucky, another mile and a half, in fact, Larry, the last mile and a half before we get to the postseason.

- Well, I know if I don't jump on this driver right now that my man Austin will jump on him probably pretty quick her.

- Let me guess. Let me guess.

- Let's see, I think that Kevin Harvick will get win number six of 2018.

- You are predictable today, Mr. McReynolds, so predictable. All right, New Hampshire, Austin, who do you have winning in New Hampshire?

- Well, this guy has actually moved me out of the way for an Xfinity win here at this place one time. But he's pretty darn good here. His name is Denny Hamlin. I'm going to take the 11 car.

MALE SPEAKER: I'm glad you let that go and moved on.

- It's still there.

- And we do an Xfinity segment coming up, so we can maybe talk about that [INAUDIBLE].

- And I will point out Denny Hamlin will be the first new winner that we have selected so far. Obviously, Truex, yourself, and Harvick have already been to victory lane. What about Pocono, Larry, second time around?

- Yeah, I think I'm going to go a little different direction here. He has a win at Pocono. But he too is winless in 2018. I think Ron Blaney and Jeremy Bullins [INAUDIBLE].


- I'll go with him. I'll go with him.


- Leaving it up there?

- Do you want him?

- No, no, no.

- Oh, OK.

- Yeah, I'll go with--

- No faith in Paul.

- Ron Blaney, Jeremy Bullins, they're going to get their second win at Pocono. I still got it in the [INAUDIBLE].


- Chalk this up. That was on Larry and not on the touchscreen.

- Yeah.

- For the record, you know this is not a taped segment.


FEMALE SPEAKER: Austin, who you got? Even Paul [INAUDIBLE]?

- Paul is a good road racer. I'll give him that. For [INAUDIBLE] he would be a decent pick. But I'm going to go with a guy that owned up to a mistake that he made this weekend. He's going to come back stronger than he was. He's a great road course racer, AJ Allmendinger.


MALE SPEAKER: That's big. How would that change the dynamic of the playoffs if driver 47 is able to win? So let's go to the Irish Hills of Michigan. You say who gets it done, Larry?

- Yeah, it has been a while since this driver won a race. You have to go back to the Daytona 500 back in 2017. But I think they've got speed there at Stewart Haas Racing. I think Kurt Busch is going to get that win at Michigan.

- OK, maybe someone would have taken him for Bristol, right? I think he might have stolen your pick. What do you got there?

- Yeah, but you know what? I'm pretty excited about this pick that this guy's still there. He's in the top four guys that are out there winning races each and every weekend. Bristol's a good place for him. I'm going Clint Bowyer.

- This is shocking to me. We have picked eight races. We have picked eight races. We've been to Bristol. We've been on the Road Course. We've been to Kentucky, Chicago, the mile and a halfs, and we still have not pulled Kyle Busch off the board. Who wins at Darlington, Larry?

- Oh, but we've not been to Darlington yet. So, yeah, I'm a little shocked that you didn't you go down the road with Kyle Busch for Bristol. So I'm going to say Rowdy get the job done down there in the Southern 500.

- OK, crown jewel, Indianapolis, what do you got?

- I'm going to throw this one up here. This is a teammate of mine. He's been put-- he's been doing pretty good at Indi in the past. He's won at Indi in the past to get himself into the playoffs before. I'm taking my teammate Ryan Newman. The last race before the playoffs, he's going to be in.

- No Jimmy Johnson on that list either. No Brad Keselowski. No Joey Logano on that list.

- Yeah, I mean, Joey is the only driver that has won a race in the first 16 that we did not pick.