Motte’s Minute: The best social media highlights from the first half of the NASCAR season

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In this week's edition of Motte's Minute, Daryl Motte takes you through the best social media highlights from the first half of the NASCAR season.

- Plenty happened off the track on social media, as well. Here's Daryl Motte with a very special 2018 recap of Motte's Minute.

- Thanks, guys. After the race, social media is where it all goes down-- the apologies, the laughs, the trolls, even the baby announcements. Let's take a look back at 2018 and see some of the greatest moments on social media.

First up, going back to work means cleaning up your look. Blaney breaks hearts when he chops off his locks. Don't worry, the stache will be next to go.

Austin Dillon wins the Daytona 500. But it was Bubba Wallace who would win over new fans by showing us his softer, blubbering, boohooing side.

- Pull it together, bud. Pull it together. You just finished second. It's awesome.

- And then he doubled down by stopping by DEI on his way home.

Enter in the old guys. Kevin Harvick honors Dale Earnhardt after his win at Atlanta, and fills old guys everywhere with pride. History continues. He racks up several more wins, and even goes the extra mile checking out his own equipment post-race.

ANNOUNCER: Gives the back window a smack.

DARYL MOTTE: Maybe snow could help cool off the veterans. Nope. First Truex wins, and then Clint Bowyer. Doesn't that just melt your heart?

Not to be outdone, Kyle Busch racks up three in a row. We added some more babies to the NASCAR family. And some kids skipped their prom to watch a race.

Harvick wins three races in May. And AJ Allmendinger absolutely did not watch the royal wedding.

- Did you watch the royal wedding this morning?

- Hell no.

DARYL MOTTE: And finally, Clint wins again. If he keeps this up, he's going to really have to learn to hydrate to make it through an entire season.

Man, I can't wait for the next half of the season. My time's up. Back to you.

- You know what? Daryl--

- Did you watch the royal wedding?

- What Daryl actually asked AJ is, do you think that Brad's win in the class should count when we talk-- and he said, hell no. That was the true question there.

- Yeah. That was ad libbed.

- Absolutely.

- I think Clint Bowyer winning these races before off weekends, he needs that full week to kind of recoup and get ready again.

- That's a good point.

- So we need to be careful. Whatever the next off weekend is-- I think it's Bristol-- we better keep an eye on him.

- Somebody said that if he won the championship, he might not actually be prepared for Daytona, that he could still be going.

- Good possibility.

- But this is out of balance. Because he's going to be a little tipsy when he gets to Sonoma. Usually you leave there a little wobbly, right?