Dave Moody sounds off on Cup drivers racing in the lower series

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In this weeks edition of 'The Pulse' Dave Moody shares his thoughts on the three-way title battle, updates to the aero package, and Cup driver participation in the Truck and Xfinity Series.

- Welcome back to NASCAR racing on FS1. I'm Adam Alexander. It's time for "The Pulse" with our good friend, Dave Moody, who's live on Sirius XM NASCAR radio. We're looking back at Pocono, looking ahead to Michigan.

Dave, let's start with the big three-- Martin Truex, Jr., Kyle Busch, and Kevin Harvick. What do the fans think about their early season domination?

- Yeah, they're not a bit surprised by it, I could tell you that, Adam. They have clearly been head and shoulders above the crowd. Probably Joey Logano a reasonable fourth right now. But I kind of liked it that a week ago, we were talking about can we finally get Harvick and Kyle Busch head-to-head battling it out, all the way to the checkered, nobody having any issues. We got that race and neither one of them won. So now we've got a third name in the pool, for sure.

- Winning 11 of the first 14 races, those guys have been amazing. Let's let's go to the All-Star aero package. It's making a return appearance Saturday at Michigan in the Xfinity Series. What's the anticipation of that amongst the fans?

- I think people are cautiously optimistic. We got our hopes up for last weekend at Pocono, and it just didn't work. I don't think it was any worse than what we've seen in the Xfinity Series at Pocono before, but it wasn't any better, and we went in with high hopes that it would be better.

I think Michigan, from what I'm hearing from drivers and crew chiefs, with its much higher on-throttle time, less time spent coasting and braking, may be a better fit for this package than what we saw at Pocono. But I'm not going to get all jacked up the way I did last week, hoping to see something great, because I got disappointed last week.

- You mentioned Pocono. Kyle Busch won that race, which fired up the debate once again. Where should Cup drivers fit in to these Xfinity races? I know Steve O'Donnell, from NASCAR, was on the channel. He addressed it earlier this week. Are the fans finally ready to put this behind us and move on? What are they saying about it right now?

- Well, as usual, Adam, they're a little bit torn. There are people that would like to see the Cup drivers completely and totally out of both the Xfinity Series and the Truck Series. There are other people that understand that there's some value there, both for the tracks trying to sell tickets and for the teams trying to sell sponsors, that would like to find some middle ground. Let the Cup drivers run a certain number of races on certain dates at certain tracks, and then keep them out of the rest. And from what I'm hearing out of NASCAR, that may be where they're headed to.

- Dave, one last thing here. Six winners in the first 14 races. How many guys get to victory lane in the next 12 before the end of the regular season? Give me a number.

- Well, I'll tell you, I'm having a hard time thinking more than 10 at this point. I would not be surprised if we take five or six drivers to the playoffs based on points, because I'm having a hard time imagining the guys that have already won races not winning any more of them. They're just not leaving much air in the room for the rest of them.

- We'll set the over/under at 10 and say goodbye. Thanks for being with us, Dave.

- OK, Adam. Thank you.