Radioactive: Dover – “You (expletive) better be out doing a rain dance.”

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Check out all the best scanner audio from the Driver for Autism 400 at Dover International Speedway.


- Both lanes are rolling.

- Maybe he just knew that he had the stage victory. Harvick, very slow across the line.

- We have completed two stages. Kevin Harvick has won them both.

- Harvick and Keselowski, the two Fords out front, and Clint Bowyer right with them. We're back under green.

- Oh, we've got a problem with the 8 team car.

- They're taking it to the garage. Kyle says, it's the drive shaft.

- Our leader, Ricky Stenhouse. I mean, he's way out there ahead of Clint Bowyer.

- Clint takes the lead.

- And that is mother nature.

- Harvick was putting a lot of pressure on his teammate, Clint Bowyer.

- Bowyer's got to give it to him.

- Harvick is on rails.

- He is. He's dominated the whole weekend.

- Four fingers for four wins. Kevin Harvick taking home the checkered flag.

- Good job, boys. Awesome weekend, all around. Great job, thank you guys so much.