‘Lil Larry’ Mac looks back at Joey Logano’s massive Dover wreck in 2009

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Lil Larry' Mac takes you on a wild ride through two of the biggest wrecks ever at Dover, including Joey Logano's barrel roll in 2009.

- Hey guys. The star of the show's back, Lil Larry. This weekend we head to Dover, Delaware, the Monster Mile. Just look at that guy. That monster will gobble a racecar up. Now, I'm gonna share with you two of my most memorable wrecks at Dover.

Let's see the first one. Yeah, the Fall of 2009. Joey Logano in the 20 car right after a restart. Oh my gosh! Look at him he's barrel rolling two, three, four, five times. I got to get down there and check Joey out. All right, I'm gonna ride on the hood of Tony Stewart's car. Now remember, Joey Logano's in that orange and white number 20 car. And watch right there. The 96 car checks up get in the corner. Oh, Tony gets it in the back of Joey. Oh there he-- I-- I don't have a good feeling about this. I'm out of here.

This is wrecked like we see at Daytona and Talladega. I hope this thing finally stops. Stop! Lil Larry says stop, now! Now! Hoo. Hoo, that was way too close for Lil Larry. Now, a lot of wrecks happen at Dover because of the straightaways. Look at the banking. This is more banking than we have in some of the corners at racetracks we go to. We call it the self-cleaning racetrack. What goes up must come down.

So the next big wreck I'm thinking about, 2016 in the spring race. A late race restart. Jimmie Johnson in that 48 car on the outside coming to take the green flag. Whoa, Jimmie, you've got to go. Look at the mess you've caused. You washed the whole field out, man.


Hey, here comes Lil Larry. Hey, Jimmie, you didn't get going. We jacked the back end up. Martin, have you ever seen such a mess? We made it through, buddy. I appreciate the safe ride there, pal. Look at all this carnage! I've not seen this many wrecked cars since I worked in a junkyard back in Birmingham.

Well, I know it's high up here but, based on those two wrecks, this could be the safest place to watch a race.


But, you know what, the race is not till Sunday. So, Shannon, Caitlin, you can get me down now. I'm done.


OK, girls, this is not funny. It's hot up here. The race is not till Sunday. Come get me.