Tim Dugger takes you through the wild history of racing at Texas Motor Speedway

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Texas Motor Speedway has a wild history of racing, and Tim Dugger is here to take you through it all.

TIM DUGGER: It all started with the Texas World Speedway. In '69 it held the final event, giving way to a certain silver fox's second straight title. 26 years later, Texas Motor Speedway was born. It promised to be the roughest, toughest speedway west of the Mississippi.

- We're build a Texas-sized racetrack, that's for darn sure.

TIM DUGGER: By the spring of '97, she was all shiny and new. 43 cowboys rode into town, ready for a Texas-sized throwdown in front of the largest crowd in Lone Star sports history. The herd was released, but you know what they say about angry bulls.

ANNOUNCER: Big crash in the center of the field.

TIM DUGGER: A huge wreck collected half of the field on the first lap. A race where star power didn't matter. Earnhardt, Gordon, Wallace, couldn't grab the bull by the horns. And as the dust settled, well there can only be one winner. In this, a first-time winner.

ANNOUNCER: The inaugural Interstate Batteries 500 is won by South Boston, Virginia's Jeff Burton.

TIM DUGGER: Over the next decade, the eyes of Texas would be upon one young rassler. A chip off the old block, perhaps.

ANNOUNCER: Want to talk about an all-American boy, he's in that 8 car. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

ANNOUNCER: Checkered flag, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is talking about coming to Texas and winning his first cup race. Got a good race car, a good engine, the boy drove a good race.

TIM DUGGER: The Speedway evolved into the next century, and the stakes grew higher. But we all know you don't mess with Texas.

In qualifying, Michael McDowell took the ride of his life.

ANNOUNCER: Whoa, whoa, guys. Whoa, whoa, oh no! I have never seen anything like that in my life.

TIM DUGGER: It's not unusual for things to heat up under the Texas sun. Actually, it gave a whole new meaning to "Hook 'em".

ANNOUNCER: Calm down, calm down. Kyle Busch is gonna turn the 33 into the wall!

- You can't place all blame on one person. There was two people that got into it to begin with, and there was two people that ended it.

ANNOUNCER: Jeff Gordon is trying to get to Brad Keselowski.

JEFF GORDON: Are you that stupid?


ANNOUNCER: Now Kevin Harvick is pushed back [INAUDIBLE], and here we go.

ANNOUNCER: Oh, we got another fight.

ANNOUNCER: Punches flying left and right down here. It is a mob scene on pit road.

TIM DUGGER: While some duke it out, others prove that everything is bigger in Texas.

ANNOUNCER: Three cars under a blanket for the lead, and here comes Johnson.

MAN: Clear, pass right. School these [BLEEP].

ANNOUNCER: Jimmy Johnson scores in Texas.

ANNOUNCER: Back to back win for the third year in a row.

ANNOUNCER: Jimmy Johnson wins for the fifth time.

MAN: Well, Hal, everything's bigger in Texas, baby. Nice segue, guys.

TIM DUGGER: And as the sun sets, six-shooters light up the night sky, and the cowboys ride away.