Can Jimmie Johnson gain some momentum back in Texas?

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The 'NASCAR Race Hub' crew debate if Texas can be the track where Jimmie Johnson can gain back some momentum.

- When we go to a mile and a half track, universally in the last 15 years, you've said one name-- Jimmie Johnson. And the piece said it-- is the all-time wins leader when it comes to 1.5 mile tracks. However, they've been off to a rough start in 2018, so you would say this likely not his weekend. But go back to last year. They got off to a tough start in the 48 camp, they went to Texas, what did they do? They got the victory lane. Could we see something similar after an off week in 2018, Bobby?

- Well, I saw those numbers last week and I thought, well, he's very consistent. Unfortunately, his first six races last year were not very good, but he came off a championship the year before. So what-- what's happening is the fact that I think he's had such a dismal second half of last year, it's still lingering on. I'm not really so sure that Texas is going to be the turnaround race for him. I'm worried that there's too many races have gone by where you don't run good enough to make it happen.

- When you look at his history, and I said it-- he was good before and after they repaved and reconfigured this place. So Jimmie definitely is figured out. That speaks also, though, to Chad Knaus and his ability to adjust as a crew chief. Because as a guy that's setting up these race cars, you had to make some adjustments.

- Well, Bobby, you know this to be true-- you can't always come back with the same set-up, so you've got to address the racetrack each and every time you come back, because the same set-up doesn't always work. So he's got to come in here and be open-minded. And to your other point about being off, you know, in the season before, this year I think they're off again because this new Chevrolet Camaro they're racing, they haven't found a balance yet. So coming in here after off weekend, it's all about having an open mind and make some improvements during the off season-- I mean, your off week-- to see whether or not you can go faster.