Ryan Blaney takes Alan Cavanna for a ‘Ride to Work’ in his 1985 Ford Bronco

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Alan Cavanna takes a ride to Team Penske with Ryan Blaney who is in his first season with the team.


RYAN BLANEY: What's up?

ALAN CAVANNA: What's up, man. I though we were riding to work. Are you not ready?

RYAN BLANEY: Well, I got to make sure it looks OK. Presentable. And you know what? You should probably get to work, too.

RYAN BLANEY: (VOICEOVER) I've always had a thing for Broncos, and it was nice that I was able to find one. Really good shape. And it runs well. It has the original motor and transmission in it. And, um, hopefully I can keep it for another 33, and then pass it on.

ALAN CAVANNA: Very cool. Well, I think I did a good job. It looks good. Want to go to work?

RYAN BLANEY: You didn't leave many streaks, so we're-- we're OK.

ALAN CAVANNA: Let's do it. This is a 1985 Bronco. Let's do a little 1985 racing trivia. Who was the champion? NASCAR champion. 1985.

RYAN BLANEY: I am ashamed to say, I don't know.

ALAN CAVANNA: Darrell Waltrip.


ALAN CAVANNA: Yep. Brad Keselowski. Older or younger than 1985?

RYAN BLANEY: Older. But barely.


RYAN BLANEY: Narrowly older.

ALAN CAVANNA: 1984. Born in '84.


ALAN CAVANNA: Kyle Busch. Before or after 1985?


ALAN CAVANNA: 1985. I tricked you.


ALAN CAVANNA: This car predates you. You ever think about that?

RYAN BLANEY: People ask me, fans ask me, random people. They're like, oh, what's your favorite car your driving? I'm like, oh, my '85 Bronco. They're like, oh, you got the OJ Bronco! I'm like no. No. It's--


RYAN BLANEY: --it's before. Before his time.

ALAN CAVANNA: We're going to make this the second most famous Bronco ever. OK?

First time we did "Ride to Work", we went to the Wood Brothers. A classic team. We're going to Penske now. You remember the first time you met Roger Penske?

RYAN BLANEY: The first time I met Roger, gosh, I was-- I was so nervous. I still get nervous, a little bit, around him. 'Cause he's just that guy.


RYAN BLANEY: I think we met once, and then we-- the next time we met, we signed a contract for that year.

ALAN CAVANNA: Wow. Isn't that a weird feeling, at such a young age, the mapping out your entire life?

RYAN BLANEY: A little bit. Yeah. So, I met with Jeff Gordon. Because we didn't know what direction to go. And we told him that, Roger Penske, we met with him. And he wants to try to do something. That was like-- he was like, you got to do it.

ALAN CAVANNA: Jeff Gordon said that?

RYAN BLANEY: Yeah. Yeah. He was like, that-- that's an amazing opportunity. Roger is, you know, one of the best owners out there. If he's offering you a job, you've got to take it. Try to drive the 12 car. Bringing it back for Roger Penske. That's something I've always wanted to do.

ALAN CAVANNA: I grew up watching '90's NASCAR. I was a big Penske guy. Rusty was my guy. And I definitely remember your dad out there. Your dad had a long career, but he never-- you know, he didn't have that level of superstar status, if you will, that I think sometimes gets thrown on you.

RYAN BLANEY: When I started drugs, I used to be Dave Blaney's son. They've started calling him Ryan Blaney's dad now.


RYAN BLANEY: Yeah. A couple times, and it makes him laugh.

ALAN CAVANNA: I think that's a perfect transition, though. I mean, two years ago, we were riding to work at the Wood Brothers. You're Dave Blaney's son. Now, we're going to Penske, and he's Ryan Blaney's dad.


ALAN CAVANNA: That's great

RYAN BLANEY: Yeah, it's funny how that works out.

ALAN CAVANNA: They talk about the new generation. The young drivers coming up. You're certainly a part of that. Is there too much attention, or too much responsibility on you you feel?

RYAN BLANEY: I know a lot of drivers who have been in the fall for while, they are kind of upset that NASCAR are pushing these young drivers. But people just don't know who we are. You know, we haven't been around for, you know, these fans that have no idea who we are. So they're trying to get more fans with this. And it's not taking away from anybody. It's just trying to set the sport up, you know, for 15, 20 years down the road. I support that.


RYAN BLANEY: I will support them pushing the drivers. 'Cause that's our future. That's what's going to keep the sport alive.

Well here we are, man.

ALAN CAVANNA: Team Penske.

Appreciate the ride! "Ride to Work" part two. We've been to Wood Brothers, and we're dropping you off at Penske.

RYAN BLANEY: Yeah. Well. Thanks for the company. It's always nice.

ALAN CAVANNA: No problem. Thank you for letting us join, and I'll be here a long time.

RYAN BLANEY: Yeah. Me too.

ALAN CAVANNA: Enjoy the work.