NASCAR Race Hub’s top 50 drivers of all time: 25-21

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'NASCAR Race Hub' unveils drivers 25 through 21 on their list of the top 50 drivers of all time, voted on by 21 crew members on the show.

- It's time. Let's go to the top 25, shall we? We start with number 25 on today's show, and 25th on the all-time list, two-time champion Joe Weatherley. Shannon.

SHANNON SPAKE: Yeah. Number 24, '99 champion Dale Jarrett. Got a couple of 500 wins as well-- couple or three 500 wins.

ADAM ALEXANDER: In at 23, 33 career Cup wins for Fireball Roberts.

SHANNON SPAKE: Number 22 on the list, Bobby Isaac, 37 wins, 19 polls. No crown jewels, though, guys. That's one thing we can talk about.

ADAM ALEXANDER: In at number 21, the 2003 champ. 39 crew wins for Matt Kenseth, who, of course, retired at the end of 2017. So a quick recap-- 21 to 25, you got Kenseth, Isaac, Roberts, Jarrett, and Joe Weatherly. Larry, let's start with you. When you look at that group, who jumps out?

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Well I had Dale Jarrett a little bit higher on the list. I actually had him 20th.


LARRY MCREYNOLDS: He has that championship. And those crown jewel wins-- three Daytona 500s. Now of those drivers right there, the one driver that did not have in the top 25 was Fireball Roberts because-- I'm going go back to what I said last night-- I had Terry Labonte in the top 25. Terry LaBonte had two championships. Fireball Roberts had a few more wins, but zero Cup Championships.

- And he won-- I mean, Fireball Roberts, I mean, that's where you're sort of voting process, right? I mean, it's all about the victories. So did you have him in the top 25?

- Absolutely. Absolutely. 33 wins is a lot of wins at the Cup level. I think that deserves a lot of respect. And if you look at Fireball's career record, he didn't have a lot of starts. He passed away tragically at an incident at Charlotte Motor Speedway. So he had a lot more of a runway left I think, Larry, to win championships. So just going off of pure races won, I think his record is pretty strong.

ADAM ALEXANDER: Dale Jarrett won a championship in 1999, a year before you got your title, Bobby. You look at his resume-- won a couple of Brickyards three times, he went to Victory Lane at the Daytona 500, 32 career victories. You agree with Dale Jarrett at 24?

- I really do. And I had him on my list definitely higher than me because I didn't do all the stuff that he did. He was very impressive with what he was able to accomplish, and winning that championship the year before me in 1999, and obviously win the Daytona 500, the Brickyard. You know, again, just a very consistent race car driver. And, you know, he was very masterful behind the wheel. You know, you wouldn't see him go out there and maybe lead-- like some guys do nowadays-- a lot of laps, but yet he could always finish in the top 5, top 10s, and be able to win a championship, and very consistent. And win the big races too.

- 21 to 25, who catches your eye, Kasey?

- 21 to 25.

- Yeah, of that group.

- Yeah, I mean, Matt Kenseth because he's more recent. You know, that's one thing that-- I mean, obviously, he's accomplished with the wins and obviously winning a championship. And like I said in my opening comments, having raced with Matt, you can appreciate what he does. When you've raced against somebody side by side and you see what he pulls out of a race car, he definitely deserves to be fairly high on this list.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: He had 39 Cup wins. You talk about 33 a lot of Cup wins. 39 is a lot. Two Daytona 500s. He made the playoffs 13 out of 14 years. I definitely had Matt Kenseth a little higher than that.

SHANNON SPAKE: Multiple wins in 10 years that he raced full-time in the Cup Series as well. So the Matt Kenseth one doesn't surprise me as much as-- like you said-- the Dale Jarrett one. That really surprised me because you've got him below Fireball Roberts and Bobby Isaac. I mean, and all of those crown jewels that Dale Jarrett had, plus the championship, I just-- I mean, it plays into your theory, which is the victories are so much more important.

- His winning percentage, Shannon, was so strong, and I think he deserves a lot of credit for that. He's got a lot of wins. Of course, he did have a Daytona 500. And you get in the championships, and there's a lot of what could have been had he made it longer in his career.

- Brad, you talk about the all-time wins. Did you weight victories? Especially for a guy like Dale Jarrett, who won the crown jewels on multiple occasions.

- No, I didn't. Of course, crown jewels are great. Everybody wants to win the Daytona 500, the Brickyards, and the Southern 500s, the Coca-Cola 600s. Those are great races. But at the end of the day, we go out there and we put the same effort week in and week out to win a race. Whether it's Daytona or Martinsville, we want to win.

- Now if you put it on fact of polls, Bobby Isaac-- there is a poll-sitting fool right there. 49 polls. In fact, in 1969 he sat on 19 polls. That's a record that stands today that I think will never be broken, if you really look at the number of races we run.