NASCAR Race Hub’s top 50 drivers of all time: 50-47

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NASCAR' Race Hub' unveils the first four drivers on their list of the top 50 drivers of all time, voted on by 21 crew members on the show.

- The time has come. We are going to start to let everyone know at home, and these guys, too, because you guys don't know who is out or who is in the top 50. So we're going to start to run through the list. But just to remind everybody at home why we're doing this-- 20 years ago, NASCAR released a list of the top 50 drivers. We at Fox Sports wanted to update that list because-- I guess we can all agree-- a lot's happened in two decades. A lot of drivers have had a lot of success. So here's a look at all of the Fox voters, the folks with our staff and people on air here at Fox Sports who voted. And you can see the list is some drivers who are going to be on this top 50 list. And people from top to bottom, people in the booth, people on pit road, folks that sit here every single day on NASCAR Race Hub.

- Now we are going to give to you the first names that are a part of our top 50 list in 2018. Here we go. Number 50, Joey Logano. 18 career Cup wins, 20 times he's been to Victory Lane in the Xfinity Series.

SHANNON SPAKE: All right. Number 49 is Greg Biffle. He's got a truck championship, an Xfinity Series Championship, 19 victories. Biffle, number 49.

ADAM ALEXANDER: Number 48 is Marvin Panch. 17 Cup wins. He's also got a victory at the Daytona 500 and the World 600.

SHANNON SPAKE: How about number 47-- that title goes to Jeff Burton. He has two Coca-Cola 600 victories and a victory in the Southern 500. Any surprises?

- Oh, I probably-- based on my voting-- I'm a little surprised that Joey Logano was as far down as 50th. When I look at his Cup wins, his Xfinity Series wins, his Daytona 500 win-- I think he was of the first Rookie of the Year candidates to win multiple races. Well I think Davey Allison had done it. But I think there are just so many things that I felt like Joey Logano should be higher than 50th.

ADAM ALEXANDER: Where did you have him, Larry? Do you have it written down? Or do you have that?

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Well I had him 43rd.



ADAM ALEXANDER: I had Joey at 39. What about you guys? What's your reaction?

REGAN SMITH: Well I gotta agree with that. I had Joey at 43. And I think he's on the rise. And when you look at Joey's career, the first two or three years of it, there was nothing to really write home about, other than the one win in his rookie season. Outside of that, it was a lot of struggle. So he's done this all recently. He's got a lot of room to grow. Greg Biffle-- I felt like that was right about where I had him placed at. The one guy that was on that list that I didn't have on the list-- and he's probably going to get mad if he hears this-- is Jeff Burton. I just didn't have him quite in. He was one of those other guys I juggled, much like Newman.

- Is that a "what have you done for me lately" kind of thing that you guys mentioned with Ryan Newman as well? I mean, I know his stats are there, and I know he's retired, but is it because some of the other guys you think leapfrogged him?

- You know, I think for me-- and I was fortunate to race against Jeff Burton, very talented race car driver. And let's point this out, anybody that we're talking about right now is a great race car driver. It's just so hard to boil it down to 50 of them. For me, it was that middle part of the career where maybe there was some struggles and things just went a little bit slow while teammates were having more success. And I was a fan back then, so I'd watch it as a kid. And that just-- I still had that instilled in my brain.

- Yeah, I did not have Marvin Panch on my list. But I guess now that I see him on there and I studied a little more after my voting, I'm glad to see that he did make the top 50 because he won some big races. He won the Daytona 500. He won the Coke 600. He finished second in the points. I think it was 1957. Even though I didn't have him on my original list, now that he's on there, I'm kind of relieved to see him on there.

ADAM ALEXANDER: What strikes me, Bobby, about the first four is the balance in the areas in which they raced. Obviously, Marvin Panch was racing many years ago. Jeff Burton is retired and been out a while. Greg Biffle recently retired. And Joey Logano's still competing today.

- Yeah. And I've raced against all those except for Marvin, but I do know Marvin. But yeah, I'm with you. I'm glad he made the top 50 because he's done a lot for the sport. And he's also a great driver, which is what this is about. You know, it did surprise me that Joey Logano isn't-- you know, he's going to get better, and he's going to go up that list-- but, you know, he should be up there a little further.

REGAN SMITH: Well he hopes he does anyway.

- At least he hopes he does, you know. And then I think Jeff Burton and Greg Biffle-- that list that was shown was about my list, so I think I feel pretty good about that. And I know that, like, Greg Biffle, I'm glad that he made the top 50 just for the fact that, you know, he's won the Truck Series, the Xfinity Series, and close to the Cup Championship.

SHANNON SPAKE: But no big victories, right? No crown jewels. And a lot of these guys do have those.

- But a lot of wins, top fives, top tens. I looked at percentages and top 10 percentages and how the average finish was. I put all that-- I weighed that all in there as well.

- Yeah, I definitely think Biffle winning those two championships, that definitely weighed in right there, even though it wasn't a Cup Championship.

- We got more to go. Much, much more to go.