The best of Radioactive through the first six races of 2018

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Check out all the best scanner audio through the first six races of the 2018 Cup Series season.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nascar's biggest, most famous, prestigious race-- we welcome you to Atlanta, Georgia. NASCAR goes west.

MAN: You have to have anger management here.

- What's up, what's up, what's up?

- Drivers! Start--

- --your--

- --engines!


ANNOUNCER 2: Aric Almirola was leaving his pit stall and drove right in the side of Kevin Harvick. Oh, trouble, turn two.

ANNOUNCER 1: Contact! Slam into the wall.

ANNOUNCER 3: Are you kidding me?

ANNOUNCER 1: Kyle Busch has cut down a left rear tire.

ANNOUNCER 2: Doug, Erik Jones is not going to be in the [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 1: Jones did not.

ANNOUNCER 2: Almirola around Hamlin.

ANNOUNCER 1: Almirola's a lap away.

ANNOUNCER 2: Dylan turns him! Aric Almirola into the wall in turn number three!

- I didn't want to wreck him, but he had to go.

- It is the Daytona 500.

- You wanted it bad, that's what you do.

MAN (RADIO): Great job, everybody!

ANNOUNCER 3: Let the party begin.