Dave Moody reacts to the end of Clint Bowyer’s winless streak

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Hear Dave Moody's thoughts on Clint Bowyer's big personality, and adding more double-headers to the schedule.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Welcome back to the Hub, where it is now time for "The Pulse." And for that, we bring in Dave Moody, "The Godfather," from Sirius XM. Dave, great to have you with us, as always. Let's start big-picture, with Clint Bowyer, snapping that 190-race winless streak this past weekend. A big moment for him in Martinsville.

- That was a huge moment for him in Martinsville. It's been a long, long time. He's suffered long and hard to get here. We talked to him earlier in the week. And as you might expect on Tuesday, a little fuzzy. And I think tequila might have been to blame.

CLINT BOWYER: Your peers come in the victory lane, after all these years. And now I'm having my tail kicked from Jimmy at Martinsville, as we all have for a lot of years in my career. And for him to be in victory lane, and to sincerely be happy for you is-- it means a lot.

I've been in this deal a long time. I ain't slowing down any. It's-- it's still, to me, a blast and a thrill to go to the racetrack and see people. See your peers, race the competition. The fans. You know, the whole thing.

- That was 3:00 PM Eastern Time on-- on Tuesday, Kaitlyn. And the fact that he was out of bed, upright, and speaking English was a big shock.

- Yeah. That's impressive. Now, we saw there in those clips a lot of fellow competitors coming over, congratulating Clint. Drew, why do you think this was such a popular win amongst the folks in the garage?

- Well, Kaitlyn, I think his big personality. He's a grassroots racer. I think everybody in the garage respects the way Clint Bowyer came up through the ranks, starting in ARCA, and being noticed by Richard Childress, and then winning-- winning races when he got into the 2 AC Delco car. And then moving up to Cup Series.

I think all these guys respect the way he came about it, and his huge personality. I think Clint Bowyer is one of the guys in the garage that reminds us how fun it is-- we get to-- what we get to do for a living. Hey, Dave. What about--


DREW BLICKENSDERFER: Hey. Hey, Dave. What about the fans' reaction to the doubleheader? I think, you know, for crew chiefs, it was nice to be able to see the trucks before-- before the event on Monday. But what did the fans say about being able to see two great races in one day?

- What? They loved it. I mean, we didn't hear from a single person this week that didn't love the idea.

Now, granted, I don't know if it's something we want to do every single week. There was certainly a lot of sentiment out there for maybe a Truck Series-- Xfinity Series Doubleheader. That would be a little-- a little shorter, overall, than adding "Cup" on the end. But, you know, if you've got to get snowed out every decade or two, I guess making them both up on a Monday afternoon is the best way to go.

- Well, we've talked about the people in the garage reacting to Clint's win. Dave, how did the fans react? What-- what was kind of their take after Martinsville?

- He-- he is, to say the least, Kaitlyn, a man of the people. And, you know, people identify with him. You know, back before we lost Dale Earnhardt, the man was a multimillionaire at that point in his career. We all knew that.

But you saw him, you know, dragging hay out to feed the horses, and scattering stuff on the ground for the chickens, and on his backhoe, digging stumps out of the ground. He was a common man. And a lot of people see Clint the same way. They remember, you know, that Richard Childress had to-- had to, you know, knock the-- the bondo dust off his shoulders when he asked him if he wanted to come race his-- his cars a few years ago. And Clint's not far removed from what he was then.

- Yeah, definitely a relatable guy. Now, Martinsville's in the books. Next is the off-week. What's your hit list for the-- the off-weekend coming up, Dave?

- Well, three things that I think are good-- and I had to think awfully hard about, to find anything good about an off-weekend, because the show, after all, is not called "NASCAR Vacation Hub." I mean, we're here because we kind of like racing. But it allows the teams-- particularly the smaller teams-- to get caught back up after a very difficult West Coast swing. It allows a lot of us to get caught back up on the honey do list and the yard work. And, quite honestly, for Clint Bowyer, after 190 races without a victory, he gets two consecutive weeks to be undefeated. That's probably the best part.

- That's a heck of a party he's going to have for the next two weeks. That's for sure. And I can tell you, I'm for sure liking number 1 on your list. Small teams. Time to regroup, and maybe catch up a little bit.

- Yeah, you know what I'm talking about there, right?

- Yes, for sure.

- Yeah.

- All right. Thank you, Dave, very much for your time. We'll see you next week. We appreciate it, as always.

- Thanks, Kaitlyn.