Breaking down all the tight racing on NASCAR’s smallest track

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Adam Alexander and AJ Allmendinger go 'Next Level' to break down all the bumpin' and bangin' fans witnessed at Martinsville.

- Time to go next level on NASCAR Race Hub. Were you voting on the way home from Martinsville? It certainly felt that way.

- No, my mom was at home at that point, and she was voting constantly.

- Yes. So just like you leapfrogged the competition in our Connect Live yesterday, you were driving by the field on track. As we go next level, it's all about the art of the pass. So many different ways to get it done, and sometimes you just have to flat be aggressive, right?

- Yeah, and as we're going to take a look here, these two scenarios that I was in are a little bit different. At this point, it's still fairly early in the race. I'm behind Martin Truex Jr. I got to him about two or three laps earlier there.

That looked aggressive, which it was, but at that point, I kind of got in the corner a little too hard. I was trying to follow him into the corner and turn down under him. He had good drive off the corner. I was rolling the center really well.

So I get in here, get on the brakes. I wheel hop just a little bit. At this point, I get into him a little bit. As we get right here, and I get to the back of him, we're going to see it just shoves him a little bit. It's not big.

But what happens is, is he has to get on the brakes again, and then I get back into him a second time. We'll see the wheel hop. The left rear tire wheel hops a little bit.

- A little bit of bad timing here.

- Yeah, and as I said, I just got in a little too deep. He had to check up again, which of course he did, because I'd gotten into him right into the corner. It looked bad. I'm moving out of the way, but at that same point, I was faster.

He was starting to fall back a little bit. That was the run that he had gotten really loose. I needed to get away. It's aggressive, but it's Martinsville. It happens.

- OK, now that's early in the race. Late, it is get all you can get. And somewhat, all bets are off as you chase down Brad Keselowski.

- Yeah, this is 10 to go. Chase Elliott's behind us. He's running us down. Right here, I get in the back of Brad. I'm just trying to move him a little bit out of the way.

This point, he's not happy. He starts just to lock the brakes up a little bit, tried to brake check me to stop me. At this point, I'm like, I'm not going to stop. I'm just going to keep going.

We come off the corner, I get side by side. I was quicker than him. I needed to go. Chase was quicker than both of us.

Brad, he told me that pass was number one. He thought he felt good about it. He told me that was the number one pass.

- I'm sure he did.

- I get under him here. I get away from him, able to make the pass and ultimately finish eighth.

- Do you have to make phone calls after the race with these kinds of things, or that's just Martinsville?

- That's Martinsville. It was still a little softer than the 11 and the 24 last year at that race, so--

- They did get quite aggressive.