Here’s what happened between Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick at Martinsville

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The 'NASCAR Race Hub' crew debate if the contact between Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick was just racing, or intentional.

- And there were a lot of positive vibes post-race yesterday, not always the case after a short track race. There weren't a whole lot of upset drivers, unless your name is Denny Hamlin.

Hamlin not happy with the number four car of Kevin Harvick, saying, hey, he brake checked me. I brake checked him, he brake checked me. So Harvick says, I didn't do that. I was just trying to make sure the car was corrected. What do you make out of what you saw between these two cars?

- Well, It looked like Kevin maybe had quite enough of the bumping, right.

- Yeah.

- So he wanted to make sure that his brake pedal was up and nice and firm, so you know, he makes a little check on the straight away, and yeah, it was there. And Denny may have just been a little too close.

- I love what AJ just said, though. He was like, hey, it's Martinsville, right. So is this fair or foul? Or is this just Martinsville?

- Nah, this is kind of short track racing, right. I mean, you know, Denny is kind of-- he's in best position. He's kind of pushing Kevin around. He can kind of shove him out of the groove if he wants to.

Really, the only defense that Kevin has is to, you know, maybe check up on it a little bit, maybe create a little space for the next corner. I don't know that he meant to do the damage that he did, because it sure put Denny and his team kind of on their heels trying to fix the damage. But you know, that's short track racing.

- You say it's short track racing, and we say it's just Martinsville, but they remember these things, no?

- Yeah, they do. I don't think you'll see this carry over to say, Texas or whatever. But next time they're at a short track and they're together like that, you know, that role could switch around. I bet Denny doesn't forget about it.