Chad Knaus and David Ragan take the ‘Young Gun’ pop quiz

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Chad Knaus and David Ragan are tested on their knowlege of NASCAR's young stars.

- It's a youth group pop quiz.

- Oh boy.

- You guys have the driver heads there. We'll put a question here, and you tell us which driver is the answer to the question. Shannon, you've got the first.

- OK. So here is the first question, and you better know this, Chad. Which driver used to trick or treat at Jimmy Johnson's house?

- Oh. I do know that one.

- Oh, you do?

- I think I know that one. I've heard that.

- And William Byron, William Bryon.


- Nice job.

- Yeah.

- And Seven-Time gives out the king size Snickers.

- Yeah, the good stuff.

- Oh, I'm sure he does, him being the health nut that he is. OK, next question. We'll put it on the board. Which driver's uncle was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers? Yes, the Los Angeles Lakers. Could have been Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's teammate.

- Oh. Interesting.

- I don't know that those eras actually match up.

- Alex Bowman, huh?

- You got an Alex Bowman?

- He got a Bubba Wallace. And you're both wrong. It is, in fact, Ryan Blaney.

- Wow.

- Dale Blaney. Who knew he could hoop a little bit?

- I had no idea.

- I thought about Dale, but--

- 1986.

- I don't know, man.

- He's a racer.

- Drafted by the LA Lakers.

- But he's not that tall is he?

- You're just a wealth of knowledge today here. OK, so, next question, which driver besides Darrell Wallace Jr is named after his father? Of these youthful guys-- so not Dale Earnhardt.

- I got this one.

- You got it?

- Yeah.

- You're going Suarez. You're going Eric Jones. And you're both--

- And the answer is--

- You're both incorrect. Chase Elliott.

- Bill Chase?

- I don't understand that one.

- William Clyde Elliott.

- I know it was Clyde.

- I guess William Byron could have been an answer too, right? His father was Bill.


Next question. Next question. We put it up here. Which driver loves to read bad boy autobiographies? Now the bad boy part of this is a hint. In general it's sports autobiographies. We put the bad boy part in there to give you a big, big hint.

- Not bad boy Sean Puffy Combs?

- I don't think it's that bad boy, no. David says Erik Jones, and he's correct.

- Oh, well, there you go.

- Erik Jones.

- He's from Michigan and it snows a lot up there, so I figured he has a lot of time to read.

- No. No, no. He's from Michigan. The Detroit Pistons, the Bad Boys, you remember, back in the--

- Oh, you--

- No, no idea.

- --passed chemistry, didn't you? OK, so, which driver is a big live stream gamer?

- Oh, jeez.

- Is it me or does Chad answer the same from everyone?

- Darrell?

- Yeah, it was Darrell Wallace Jr.

- He's always playing video games.

- Let me tell you--

- I don't know.

- If Martinsville goes like this game for Chad, you guys are going to be like 75 laps down. You know what I mean?

- Three to one.

- I don't think he'll have to play pop culture at the--


- I didn't know what bad boy was?

- And know all feel educated.

- We do.