Larry McReynolds: “This was a statement win for Kevin Harvick”

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Larry Mcreynolds and Matt Dibenedetto join 'NASCAR Race Hub' in Los Angeles to talk about the statement that the No. 4 team made with their third straight win.

- Here are the updated standings, four races into the

campaign. 12 in

front of Kyle Busch. Another 12 back to Martin Truex Jr. Joey Logano, Ryan Blaney complete the top five. And I want to go there. Because he wins the race. He goes right back to the rear windshield, where the penalties came. He's banging on that rear glass. The attitude, I mean, this is what we've come to expect out of Kevin Harvick over the years.

- Dude, Kevin Harvick is bad to the bone, anyway you look at it.

- Are you jealous a little bit of that swagger?

- Hey, that's the guy I look up to, man. He's my hero. And being a fellow Ford teammate, he's-- no. It's just cool. That some of that-- sometimes that stuff is just enough to really make, you know, make the team mad and give them enough a little extra fuel to lay it to everybody.

- I think back to last year, when we went to Homestead, how many times we had the conversation about, if this was a game of mental toughness, that Kevin Harvick would be the guy winning this race. Because he is so mentally tough. How do you compare him to anybody else? I mean, is he the top dog in terms of mental strength?

- No question. I think he's the top dog there. He's the top dog in playing games. And you know, when he was pointing to that back window and that roof, that was not anything toward NASCAR. He said it. That was to the fans that had put all the things out there on social media

- And maybe to the competition a little bit too, I got to believe.

- Absolutely. And you know, right now, to me, this was a state of race yesterday. Because I think everybody was watching, maybe not the industry necessarily. But I think the fans, everybody was watching what kind of advantage was that for that Ford team at Vegas.

We know there was a little bit of an advantage. It's not the reason he won that race. He wanted to show them, you know what, you can do anything you want to us. But we'll show you. I just think that was a statement race for that group yesterday.

- So all that happens last Wednesday, when the penalties come out. By the way, SHR said they will not appeal. So this is all done now and behind us. Harvick goes into the media center on Friday, answers every question about it. What did we see from a leadership perspective this weekend out of Kevin Harvick?

- I think we saw a lot. Because I don't mean to look at other drivers in a different way, but I think most drivers crawl off in a hole. They decline all interviews. Kevin Harvick did not decline, to my knowledge, any interview that was asked of him the entire weekend. But I just think that's the confidence. That-- that's a lot of his leadership, is the confidence that he brings to that race team.

- You know, it's-- what I like about Kevin Harvick is he's, being a veteran, it's hard for people to beat his level of experience. And he's just a true racer. And with that kind of mentality, man, I just-- it's really hard to be any better than Kevin Harvick is. And that's why he-- he addressed it and then came out with a statement like that. That's what you want to see.

- Well, I think also Kevin Harvick is one of the guys who he's trying to pave the path for the rest of the-- for this-- for NASCAR. He cares about this sport and the direction that this sport is going in. And for him to get up there, answer all the questions, for him to go out and win and act like an adult, the adult in the room, I mean, that's certainly setting a tone.

- It is. But we all knew-- I sat up in that booth and I said, he's going to either say something or do something post-race, that he's going to put, you know, put an exclamation point on this statement. Had no idea he was going to crawl out of the race car, point to the roof and the back window.

- Four races in in 2018. Driver four has won three of those.