The Pulse: Should Atlanta Motor Speedway get a repave?

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SiriusXM's Dave Moody tells "NASCAR Race Hub" and Chad Knaus what NASCAR fans are talking about this week.

- Dave Moody, and all you listening on Sirius XM NASCAR radio, we call this part of the show The Pulse. Dave, thanks for being with us once again in 2018.

- It's great to be back, Adam. We've had a couple of great races to talk about. We're off and running.

- And you'll love to hear this. I'm not asking the questions today. Chad Knaus is asking the questions. We're going to put 48 seconds on the clock. Chad's going to deliver. And then you follow up. Chad, you're on the hot seat. Ready, set, go.

- A little role reversal here for you Dave. All right buddy. So I spoke to Ed Clark, president of Atlanta Motor Speedway last week. And he said that if the race track stayed in good condition throughout the course of the 500 miles there, we didn't have any weepers or anything along that lines, that they would consider not repaving Atlanta Motor Speedway for next year. What do the fans want?

- Well, the fans want great racing, and that comes from old worn out racetracks. Here's how I figure it's going to work now. So I think they're going to continue to roll the dice probably until they get bitten. Until we have a rainy weekend and it weeps and it seeps and we're there for an extra day because of it. Then they'll probably have to bite the bullet and put down a new layer of asphalt. But as it is right now, it's great racing. And I think they're going to-- they'll probably keep pushing their luck on it until they get bit.

- And it was a good race. I thought it was exciting.

- Great race.

- Yeah. It was good stuff. All right.

- Wow.

- You beat the clock. You did a great job.

- That's awesome. What do I win.

- I love this.

- All right. So next. All right, so we spoke about it with the drivers just a little while ago. Heading out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the first of two events this year, the second one being at the beginning of the chase, what do the fans think about going out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway twice this year?

- Is anybody against going to Las Vegas? I mean, what could possibly go wrong? You know once, you get in a little bit of trouble but nobody tells on you. So you go back again. Yeah, I think it's going to be awesome. You know, Vegas has great racing. The neon garage is fantastic for our fans. They love going out there. And obviously, the hours not spent at the racetrack have a number of options as well. So yeah, I don't know how anybody would turn thumbs down on that.

- Well Adam might, because he's concerned about his wallet. So he's a little worried about spending too much money going out there twice in one year.

- That and some of my friends in New Hampshire. They're not necessarily wild about the idea.

- Put five on red, please.

- All right. So last-- it's third question here, buddy. So we've had three points paying events so far this year for the Cup series. After all that's going on at the racetrack-- Daytona, Atlanta-- who are you seeing emerging as the favorite? And do you think they can sustain it to go out there and win the championship this year?

- I'm going to give you two names, one that won't surprise you, one that may, although I don't know why. Kevin Harvick, coming off this past weekend, and a very good Daytona as well. That team has hit the ground running and they're in great shape right now, doing everything they need to do. And I'm also impressed with the way the 78 team and Martin Truex, Jr., have come out of the box. They had a very good run going at Daytona, got sucked up in somebody else's mess. That happens at Daytona and Talladega. And then to come from the rear the field the way they did, after failing those pre-qualifying inspections, to come from the rear as quickly, as methodically as they did, and end up with a top five at the end of the day, pretty solid.

- And probably could have been two of the preseason favorites as well.

- Yeah. Well, should have been. Yeah.

- All right. All right. Look, I know you. We just had a conversation on Sirius XM a moment ago. Lay it on me. What are the fans saying about the 48 team's performance so far this year? And are they panicked?

- You're in trouble buddy. You're a big, big trouble. They have no confidence in you or Johnson or Mr.-- no, they're fine. And actually, they were a whole lot calmer after you left than they were before you arrived. Because you just kind of, you know, exude that sense of calm. You said, we've got some time. We'll get this figured out. We've been talking today, too, about, you know, Joe Gibbs racing with the new Camry, did not win a race until July last year. When Stuart Haas converted over to Ford, it took him 1/2 to 2/3 of a season to get it together and start winning races again. So, you said it, I'll say it. You got some time. The fans are willing to wait.

- It's a little baby and we're just teaching him how to crawl.

- That's it! Exactly it.

- My agent just got in my ear. He said keep Knaus on the box. If not, he's going to take your job. Chad, great job. Dave, you were so so. We'll talk to you again next week, all right?

- It's early in the year. I've got time too!