Richard Childress: ‘It’s like you were writing a script for a movie.’

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Richard Childress talks with 'NASCAR Race Hub' about the similarities between 1998 and 2018.

COMMENTATOR: Returning the number 3 to victory lane, and he just did a slide to replicate what Dale did when he won it in the 3, 20 years ago. How fitting, how special.

REPORTER: You have to give Austin Dillon credit for understanding the moment. A moment that by all rights, he could have savoured for himself. Instead, he shared it.

- All right, welcome in to NASCAR race hub, a very special Daytona 500 champion edition. This whole burnout thing, that was planned the night before, right?

- It was talked about.

- How did this go down? OK.

- So afterwards, my grandfather, we were going to dinner with our partners at Dow, and he's like, I had to wait and watch the end of that '98 500, and I was doing the same thing. And it was after the Xfinity race so, we watched the end of it. And afterwards, he's like, now look, if you go to victory lane, you need to slide through the grass. And I can't believe that the replication, I'd never tried do to that.

SHANNON SPAKE: That's what I was going to ask, I'm like, how did you know you're doing it the right way?

AUSTIN DILLON: I just slung it through the grass and it ended where I was, and then I was like, OK I need to get out of the grass at some point. And then it kept doing donuts. I mean, like I said, I was just kind of holding on, and it looked great afterwards. I couldn't have done it any better.

ADAM ALEXANDER: You and I were talking earlier though it's amazing the similarities from 1998 to what we saw on Sunday.

- Yeah I mean there's so many, we lost the engine and we didn't lose it, we changed the engine in Dale's car. We went to a backup car in Austin, there are so many similarities that it is, you couldn't write, it's like you were writing a script for a movie how every bit of this came down.

And the penny, everything, the last lap when Dale come around to win. I couldn't tell what Austin did, when Dale, the car was wrecked on the back stretch, I was just wondering if we were going to wreck in turn three and four with Dale. And when Austin, the tin spun, all I could see was smoke until Austin come around the corner, I was standing on top, and just so much similarities.

- You know one thing that wasn't similar though, was what these boys did afterwards, Sunday night after the race. As Larry McReynolds said, there was no tattoo getting with Dale Earnhardt. He was probably just drinking beer. Did you guys partake in the ink?

- No, no we loaded the car, we finally got it all inspected and loaded. Loaded the car in a little trailer we loaded our hauler up, and the guys were ready to go have some fun. It was almost midnight and they were going across the street and, I don't know what y'all did over there, I said you know what--

- You don't know what they did.

- I don't think it's a good idea for me to do that. I'll let them have their fun.

- Whose idea was this?

- You only live once, right?

SHANNON SPAKE: That's true.

- We're here for a good time, and it was a fun going out my guys. We ended up going to eat a little bit, and then we ended up there, at a tattoo parlor. Now, that parlor has a good history behind it because some of my buddies have been there before, and heck, everybody signed up and ended up with some tattoos on their butt.

ANDY PETREE: I'm glad I went to the motor home.

AUSTIN DILLON: And there was like fans in there getting it too.

SHANNON SPAKE: Oh, really?

- Oh yeah, there was guys that I didn't even know that were getting the tattoos, it was pretty epic.

- Who says, hey y'all, I have a great idea, let's go get tattooed?

- Now, Richard is the grandfather, your reaction to that was, those boys are hanging together or oh my goodness, what have they done, which was it?

- The thing about it, the thing I like about them and that team, you know I never won the Daytona 500, I never won many races, but I never lost a party. They won the race and never lost the party either.

- So, he got that from his grandfather.

- Well, we'll put a bow on this because it seems like we've come to the end, of this segment.

- If you want to hear the end of the tattoo story, you guys just go to a barn life, and we'll give you the rest of the night's story on YouTube.

- There you go, there you go.