Austin Dillon & spotter Andy Houston walk you through the final lap of their Daytona 500 victory

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Austin Dillon, car owner Richard Childress , spotter Andy Houston, and crew chief Justin Alexander walk 'NASCAR Race Hub' through the thrilling final lap of the Daytona 500 win.

- Austin, you are, in fact, the Daytona 500 champion. What has the week been like?

- It's been a wild, but I tell you what, like you said, this is going to be my favorite "Race Hub" I've ever been on 'cause I got all my buddies here today.


This is what it's all about. You want to celebrate with your team. And I got them all here.

- You know, I loved, after the race, you said that, you did not get emotional, but you saw how Pop-Pop here crying.

- Yeah.

- What was-- I'm wondering, when the moment happens and he wins, are you thinking, my grandson just won, or are you thinking, my driver just won?

- You know, it was-- you know, it's blood. You know, he's family. And for him to win the Daytona 500 in the style that he won it and to be able to come across there and win, it was really special. Yeah, I had a tear in my eye, I got to admit.

- So you had your Pop-Pop hat on.

- Yes, I did.

- Andy, you and I have talked a lot. You're finally going to get that Daytona 500 ring--


- --my man.

- Yeah, and Austin's going to buy it. He already told everybody, I'm going to buy my ring.


But yeah, that was pretty awesome. I had a tear in my eye, too. Somebody said, they saw me on pit road and said, man, they said, you looked emotional after that thing. And I said, yeah, I didn't know I cared that much. But it turns out, I do. And it was just the most incredible thing that ever happened. In my career, that's the most special ring.

- I think I picked you up and bear-hugged you.


Yeah, Justin had me up off the ground. I got a whole different view of pit road when you did that.

- When did it set in for you, or has it?

- I don't-- not really. It's not quite set in yet. You know, it's so crazy when you go through the whole thing. And even in Victory Lane, it's not real. It almost-- you know, it doesn't seem real. And doing this and everything we've done this week with all the guys on the team and everyone at RCR, it's like, it's sinks in a little bit at a time.

- Regardless of how it happens, it's always special to win the Daytona 500. But that last lap did have a little bit of drama. I want to play it back for you. Coming off of turn 2, walk us through everything that happened here, Austin.


AUSTIN DILLON: Well, we're coming down the backstretch, and my buddy, Bubba, he gives me this big shove right here. The 10 comes up to block. I'm looking left in my mirror here to go low, and the 10 kind of comes with me. At this point, I can't lift. If I lift, the guys behind me are going to probably take me out.

We're just trying to get to the checkered flag. And if you listen to my interview after the race, it's probably the best interview I did this whole week. And I hate it for the 10 guys, but, you know, it's an opportunity to win the Daytona 500. We had momentum. This big gap right here, the checkered flag is unreal. And it's just a great feeling.

- Andy, I don't know how you maintain your composure atop the spotters stand, but you really were calm. As you work your way through that final lap, what's your mindset, and what are you thinking there to help Austin?

- Well, the main thing I was thinking is, are they going to throw the caution flag? We've got a big lead. The 43 is down the 11's door, and it's-- you know, we have a sizable lead. I'm thinking, we're going to be OK here. And then, I'm wondering, don't lift. I'm thinking to Austin, don't lift. So I keep saying, no caution, no caution, back to the start/finish line. Then, Andy Petree gives me a hard time, saying that I--


--wasn't very emotional, and I did a-- Yeah, we won the Daytona 500.

- He's calling it like an air traffic controller. He's going, yeah. Yeah, Claire, come on down to the start/finish line. Yeah, no caution. No caution. Yeah, OK. Yeah, you just won the Daytona 500.


- And Andy, so--


--about it.

- --say it again the way you want to say it.


- Well, when we won the Coke 600 last year, I sounded like a little schoolgirl.


And so I was like, I'm not doing that again, you know?

HOST: But it was awesome if you sounded like a schoolgirl this time.

- I actually, when you win a lot, you, like, want to sound good after you win. Like, I did not sound good.


I was the schoolgirl this time. So, like, I remember the Truck Series, when I won, like, my third race, I wanted to, like, sound like divo. I was like--

[GRAVELLY VOICE] --we won--

--you know?


Instead of a high-pitched voice. But this one, I was back to high pitch. Couldn't control it.

HOST: Richard, you're a smart man. You put this combo together. And two victories, the Coke 600, Daytona 500. They understand delivery on the big stage, huh?

- They know how to do it. And it's amazing to listen to him sometimes on there. Austin, he'll scream at him. Every now and then, he'll scream back. But that's what teamwork is all about. We're like a family when the-- you know, we take care of each other.

- And I got to say, too, about the combination of adding Justin to our team, Eric Warren, he was big in that. You know, we talked about a crew chief that could work with me and understand, I'm a fiery guy. And Andy Houston's up there. That's why he's with me because he's so calm. He does a good job at talking to me. And Justin did a great job of stepping in and understanding-- Andy, you could probably talk to that, about how Justin's relationship has gone.

- Well, it is. And Austin's the kind of guy that, you know, a lot of time-- he doesn't really need a lot of pushing. I mean, he's going to give it all he's got the whole time. So really, my role, and even Justin's role, for that matter, is to kind of keep him calm, keep him focused on the task at hand. Sometimes, he gets a little wound up.


And he goes up.

- Bring him back down to earth.

- And we got to rope him back in, you know? But it's funny, you play psychiatrist, and spotter, and strategist at times. It's fun. It's an adventure every week.

- Y'all would have seen him when he was really small, he was just like that, too.


- So nothing's changed. I'd say, he's got a lot of Mike Dillon in him. I don't know if you know Mike.

- Oh, yeah.

- For sure.

- You know, Austin, quarterbacks in the NFL, they'll buy their o-line guys, like, something really, really special when they have a good season. So these are kind of like your offensive linemen--

- Yeah, yeah.

- --protecting you. What'd you get? Besides the ring. You got the ring, right?

- The ring? What else am I going to get them?

- Yeah.

- I got them a Daytona 500 championship. I mean, hey.

- A new Camaro ZL1?

AUSTIN DILLON: I would love that. I would like a new Camaro ZL1 myself.

- I thought maybe like some cowboy boots. He went all the way--

- Oh, I can do that.

- --for the car.


- I'm down with the cowboy boots.

- Why not? Go big.