Breaking down that historically close quintuple overtime Xfinity Series race from Daytona

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Black Koch and Shannon Spake break down the historic Xfinity race that saw 5 overtimes and the closest finish in NASCAR history.

- It's a new season. Everybody has a clean slate. Everybody is at zero. And everybody's thinking, I want to make the playoffs. I want an opportunity to win a championship, and it starts right here this weekend.

- Let's put the green flag in the air and make it happen at the world center of racing.

- Oh no, there they go. Spinner. Into wall, Almirola. Larson out of shape. So is Chase Elliott.

- Got somebody stalled on the back stretch.

- There we go. Caution is out again. We're going to get a fifth overtime.

- This is unreal.

- Tyler Reddick is going to edge him out. A photo finish!

- By that much.

- Wow.

- Wow is right. And wow, what a day it was for xfinity series regulars. Take a look at the finishing order, the top 12. 10 of the top 12 are xfinity guys. Just two cup guys in there. So certainly a statement day for the guys who are going for the championship at the end of the season. Blake Cook here with us now. Blake's Takes. And we want to get his take on the five overtimes. What did you think about that?

- Wow. That race was amazing. The first thing I thought about when that race was over was, I can't wait to get to the show on Tuesday, and talk about it. There's so much to talk about. And Daytona did not let us down. Man.

- Did not let us down. And we really saw a lot of clean racing as well, but one of the biggest penalties was when the 1 and the 88 locked bumpers and NASCAR said that's a no no.

- Yeah, with this rule, NASCAR is serious. You know, if they're going to penalize probably two of their most popular drivers in this race, send them to the rear, they're going to send anybody to the rear. So I like the rule, but the good news is we have a great restrictor plate package in the series that allows these guys to make passes and work their way all the way back up to the front.

- Chase Elliott in the yellow car-- is he just along for the ride here? Can he do anything here?

- There's nothing he can do. He might be waving, he might be trying to turn [INAUDIBLE]. He's trying not to crash, but he is also making his way to the front. So you like it, but then again, you hate getting caught. And it's going on in other places, but those guys are out front and getting caught.

- Absolutely. But we did see a lot of really great racing. We saw a lot of lane movement. And that's a testament to the package that we have in the xfinity series.

- Yeah, absolutely. The biggest thing is this new little lip on the lower front facia. This really punches a little bit bigger of a hole in the air. Allows for more effective side drafting. And it also makes it a little bit tougher to break that barrier to get to that next car. But once you do get to that next car, it's a little bit easier to stay on that bumper. I was talking to Justin Allgaier and that's kind of how he explained it to me. So then you're easy to stay on the number, but then you get penalized for hooking up. So you've got to be careful.

- You were on top of the pit box. Crew chief is up there. When you're going through five overtimes, what's going through your mind is a crew chief and as a driver?

- Well, as a driver, you're like, man, I can't believe I made it through that one. And you didn't even know you had to make it through three or four other ones. So as a crew chief, all I keep hearing was, fuel. These guys didn't know how many attempts it was going to be. It's a long race track.

Some guys were going to run out. I think the 9 thought they were going to run out of gas. Then other guys thinking they're going to win. Nobody knew what to do. We've never really gone that far into the race. It was so long, but it did not disappoint. Great, great indeed.

- It was. .000, but it has Tyler Reddick, xfinity series regular, who, by the way, took over the 9 for William Byron, the championship team. So what kind of statement was this from him?

- It was a big statement. You know, Tyler Reddick had big shoes to fill. Came off a great year, but still, that's a championship car. That's a lot of pressure. So avoiding all the wrecks, being fast, being there at the end. All it came down to was two inches. But he got it done.