Danica Patrick is nothing but relaxed as she prepares for her final NASCAR race

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Danica Patrick talks with Adam Alexander and Larry McReynolds about making her final NASCAR start and her anticipation of the Indy 500.

- Time now to say hello to Danica Patrick, who joins us. Daytona 500 Media Day 2018. We are happy you are along with us.

- Don't y'all remember when it was like party like it's 1999, because it was? Gosh, that was a long time ago.

- And now that's like 50 years ago, feels like. We're all getting old.

Hey, I watched you a little bit over the weekend, opening weekend of Speedweeks, and you just seem so relaxed. Am I reading you right on that?

- Yeah. I am. I am. And you know, everybody keeps asking me about it, but it's true. Tony Eury Jr., being my crew chief, for me is a big deal. Like obviously, because there's familiarity, but because he's such a good spirited person. Like he's always in a good mood. He has great stories. People love him. And he knows what the heck he's doing with a speedway car. He knows what the heck he's doing, period. But you know, a guy like that, you know we were on the pole here in the Xfinity series together. So he knows what he's doing. So for me, there's a lot of peace of mind in that.

And when I drove what was then the Nationwide series with him, they actually drilled holes at the end of the lift gate and hung up what would be like a street sign, like the road name of Key West, because we were so relaxed. And like Pops over on the other side was serious. And we were Key West over on the 7 side. So it's like back to that.

- Danica, does it seem like eight years since you made your first stock car race here?

- Has it really been that long?

- 2010 in the ARCA race. Finished sixth that day.

- Yeah, that was fun. I mean, gosh, man, I remember the gaggle of media. And I remember wheel banging with Ricky Carmichael. And I just thought it was so much fun. And it was. I mean, that's why I'm here.

- Hey, what's more stressful, Daytona 500, Indy 500? Because those are the two on the schedule this year.

- Yeah. Indy. I mean, do you mean for me this year, what's gonna be [INAUDIBLE]? Indy. But in general, having done both races, Indy. I mean, I was pretty nervous starting on the pole for the 500 in '13 here at Daytona. But for Indy, there's just, I don't know, there's like extra juice in the pomp and circumstance of it. I mean, there's a parade the day before. Like there's just so much that goes into it. And so, yeah, Indy.

But you know, I mean I'm nervous because I want this last stock car race to just go well. Like I just, I don't want to be caught up in a early crash in the race and be like, well, that was a bummer.

- She just teased us with the juice. I thought she'd bring us some wine to celebrate what's going on here.

- We would have taken it.

- I'm running out of my own wine. I'm like, you know-- I actually just got word about the rose that just got put in a bottle. And both my GM and the wine maker and everybody, they're splitting a case. And so I'm like, no, no, no, I still want a case.

- Hey, we hope it goes great this weekend. And thank you for everything over the years.

- Thank you.

- It's been a really, really good ride.

- It's been my pleasure. Thank you.

- Danica Patrick. Going to be fun to watch on Sunday.