Blake Koch says Chris Bell, Tyler Reddick, & Cole Custer will be the Xfinity drivers to watch in 2018

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For the very first time Blake Koch checks in with 'NASCAR Race Hub' to give his drivers to watch for the upcoming NASCAR Xfinity Series season.

- Let's go to storylines for 2018. Look at this. First day on the job and you already got your own little headline here.

- I like it. I like it.

- What's the first story line?

- First story line is Cole Custer's momentum. Gosh, you can't forget the dominant performance he had at Homestead. He was fast all last year at short tracks, intermediate tracks, but, you know, he missed the final four by a few points.

ADAM ALEXANDER: It was close.

BLAKE KOCH: But he made a statement when he went to Homestead and literally dominated the race, so he's coming into this year with all the confidence in the world and I'm excited to watch it.

ADAM ALEXANDER: A part of a great rookie class last year was called Custer. What are we looking at for 2018?

- Yeah, a big one.

- Oh, yeah. Tyler Reddick. Solid.

- I'm pretty impressed with Tyler Reddick. It's tough to be a part time driver, come in, race against guys that are in the seat every single week, and win a race. And he won a race, and the last two times he was in a car he won the pole, so that's impressive. And what's most impressive and what I'm most anxious about is he's taking over the championship car.

- It's nice to be a rookie and have already been to Victory Lane. That's the case for Tyler Reddick. Who's next on your storyline list? Christopher Bell. He's also already been to Victory Lane in Kansas last fall.

- One thing about Christopher Bell-- he's fast, tons of talent, but he has a new crew chief, Jason Radcliffe.

- Game changer.

BLAKE KOCH: This hasn't been talked about a lot, but Jason Radcliffe has 36 wins in the Xfinity series, and he's been working-- he was working with Kenseth in the past in the Cup Series, but now he's teamed up with Bell and I expect big things out of that group.

ADAM ALEXANDER: I would say that you are a veteran, but you are yet to talk about any of those guys that have been around a while. Can you give me a storyline for a veteran please?

- Sure. Sure. The rookies are easy to talk about.

- The dynamic duo.

- These guys have earned it. Sadler and Allgaier. The vets stand tall. Allgaier's not really standing tall, but Elliott is. Man, no matter what's going on in that race-- Elliott sometimes struggling throughout the race 10th to 15th-- he always stays cool, figures out a way to make his car better, and he's there at the end of the race competing for a win.

- Allgaier coming off a career season. Elliott Sadler last year the regular season champ. Both went to Homestead and they'll be at Daytona this week.