The drivers of Stewart-Haas Racing break down where they stand among other Cup teams

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Hear from Tony Stewart and his four drivers on how they compare to other teams heading into the 2018 season.

- And we're back here at the Ford Performance Technical Center. We're talking Ford for the entire hour. We've already introduced you to this guy, Tony Stewart. Now, his cast of characters, a.k.a. drivers, are joining us. You know what? I'm going to let you do the heavy lifting. What I want you to do is introduce your drivers. Give us an adjective to describe each of your drivers as you do that--

- No, don't make me do this.

- No, no?

- You've got to remember, I have to deal with these guys all year, so we've go to be [INAUDIBLE].

- All right. Maybe off camera?

- Well, I think I'll introduce them and you come up with the adjective, because you know them as well as I do. Let's see how accurate you think you are.

- That was a good comeback, actually.

- Kurt Busch, Clint Bowyer, Aric Almirola, Kevin Harvick here with us right now. Of course, Eric is the newbie here. So the tough question here, any hazing, any initiations yet into the Stewart-Haas family?

- Not yet.

- Yet is a big word.

- Yet is a very big word. We're working on it.

- Did you get any, Clint? Like, did anything happen last year?

- These two. Yeah, it's a a lot.

- Who is the ringleader? Who steps up, Kurt? Who's the ringleader when something's got to get done? When something's got to get done, we give all the heavy lifting to Boyer.


- Him, you'll see. I'm already learning, just pass the buck.

- Yes. Just keep it, keep it going. Just keep it off of you and on to somebody else, you'll be just fine.

- I don't mind shouldering it. We'll face it head on.

- Kevin, you have taken a real leadership role. Not only within the walls of Stewart-Haas racing, but for NASCAR overall. You're very outspoken about things that you think can make the sport better. How does that role sort of happen within the walls of Stewart-Haas racing?

- I look at it as really, we all have some piece of the puzzle. And we all have to figure out how we want to push things forward. But I think the unique part about Stewart-Haas racing is it's a very blue collar racers organization. And that's the difference between a lot of the other organizations that I've been around or worked with. There's not as much red tape that you have to work through.

Everybody, there's not a lot of politics involved in the companies. It's how do we win races? And that's something for me that was very refreshing, because it wasn't about-- we don't hear about the budgets. We don't hear about things. We just see cars show up, car after car after car after car, part after part. And that's not how I raced at Cage.

I know we have a very strict budget, but we hear about how do we make our race cars faster in our competition meetings. We hear about what do we need to do to get better? And in the end, it all boils down to the people. And I can't a slow car go fast and they can't make a slow car go fast. And in the end, our objective as a company is to make the cars go fast so that we can detail them out and help each other with with the four cars to make Stewart-Haas push forward.

- You said it, four cars. There's a lot to manage. What's the biggest hurdle to climb, Kurt, when it comes to a four car team?

- It's all about communication. Everybody has to be open and clear on the objective, whether it's the new pit crew sequence that has to happen with the five guys and there's something that this group sees versus the other group, the new Hawkeye laser inspection system. We need to make sure that all of us communicate the best way that we can. And that really starts with the crew chiefs. And I like what we've done now with Tony Gibson helping the four crew chiefs really get in sequence and that much more depth

- Clint, how have you found your footing after the first season within this organization? Because we talked a lot about last year coming from where you were and joining this group of drivers.

- Well, for me personally, it was a lot of new. But it was all new for the company, you know? I mean, there was a massive amount of work being done. It seemed like every single week it was catch up, it was catch up, you know? And I just think the off-season, everything else, everything seems way more calm and ready to go to battle. And caught up. So I like that. I think we're going to be as prepared as we've ever been, since I've been here for sure.