Winner’s Weekend: Martin Truex Jr. – Homestead-Miami

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Martin Truex Jr. talks with Jamie Little about how he was able win the Ford EcoBoost 400 and score his first career title.

- Martin Truex Jr. is a champion coming across the line, just a car length in front of Kyle Bush.

- You are the champion baby!

MARTIN: oh my god, holy [BLEEP]

- Yea!

MARTIN: I'm going to need Some help with this thing.

- Grab that sucker [APPLAUSE]

MARTIN: What's this thing?

- I don't know

SHERRY: For the race win.

MARTIN: We won the race too? Oh my god

- dude.


MARTIN: I loved it, I can't freaking be leave this man, this is ridiculous.

- Your a champion

MARTIN: It's ridiculous, I have no idea, I'm a mess.

- I'm so proud of you

- People will after this championship talk about you and your career, Sherry's battle. But there's so many more things that happened and took place with this team this year that are dramatic, how did you just keep it together?

MARTIN: I think for all of us it started-- to be honest, it started when Sherry had to go through her battle. I think she's such an inspiration to this team, we fed off of that we learned from that.

SHERRY: Oh my god, I can not be leave this [BLEEP] this is amazing.

MARTIN: We all realized right then that this is hard, life's not fair, sometimes things suck but this is a pretty cool job. And if we can always pull together we can be successful. And 2015 came around and we started digging. And since then we just continue to build and build and build and be there for each other. you guys are freaking awesome man, you guys are the best-- the best

- The champion baby. We're only-- we're only as good as the driver.

MARTIN: I'm only as good as the car. We Got a good thing going.

- yes sir I can't--



- So take me back to the race you and Kyle, 10 laps to go he's, closing on you. What was going through your mind and what were the thoughts and feelings?

MARTIN: After the restart I felt good. I got out front and I started to pull away from the four car just a little bit. I'm feeling pretty good then all of a sudden they're like the 18 just passed the four and he's four times a lap faster then you. But I'm like I got to move around find something, I just got to find something, if I don't it's going to be over quick. So luckily, I found a little bit of something in three and four before he got within eight car length to me, seven car lengths enough that I could maintain. And I was like oh, I can do this now. You know, I got it, I got this just don't screw up. I can't believe it. I was coming away like I got this [BLEEP] this is easy-- I got it, I got this [BLEEP]

- This team now that you guys are here, I mean it's pretty unbelievable. And I looked at Cole Pearn and he said "I honestly didn't think that we would actually be able to seal the deal." How did you guys do it?

MARTIN: Just fought our but off. You know we came down here with the best car we could build, with the best of everything that we knew how to do. Pit crew was flawless, they didn't buckle under pressure. Pit crew man they were on it huh? Solid no pressure, no pressure. We put ourselves in position, we didn't have the best car, we weren't the fastest all day. But we were in position, and we took advantage of it. We come to the racetrack we know we're lucky, we know we have the best team that we can ever have-- which you hear right there.

- I hear them getting closer, look at them.


- I told them please don't do this.

MARTIN: Don't worry we're not doing an interview or anything.

- I don't care.

- good job, congratulations.

- Come on, Hurry up.

MARTIN: I'm working on it.

- I'll set him free shortly.

- All right.

- And they spilled your beer

MARTIN: Son of a, thanks buddy, I like this kind better anyway.

- There's been a lot of moments so far and it's only been a few hours after the race. But what's been the best moment of today?

MARTIN: Ah man, the best moment was. Getting out of the car seeing everybody's face, hugging my dad, hugging Sherry, just see everybody's excitement. You know we did it, you know top of the world, we did it. I don't even know how to explain the emotions I couldn't, talk, I couldn't think of anything other than all the memories throughout my racing career and my life. I was so calm up until I took the checkered flag, it was like boom I'm done, over, crazy how it works. Oh baby here it goes champagne time. Oh Yeah.