Darrell Wallace Jr. will take over the iconic No. 43 for Richard Petty Motorsports in 2018

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Hear from Darrell Wallace Jr. on 'NASCAR Race Hub' after he was named the driver of the iconic No. 43 for Richard Petty Motorsports.

- Look at who we have here, the new driver of the 43 car, Bubba Wallace. All right, I'm gonna-- I'm gonna get you a little bit, because I heard you say, during "Facebook Live," that everyone's been asking you the same questions all day long. All right? OK. So we're going to try to avoid that. What's one question that you wanted people to ask you?

- I think they asked them all.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

- All right. Well, how are you going to celebrate? Did they ask you that?

- No, they didn't. Ooh, that's a good one.

- There you go. How are you celebrating tonight?

- How am I celebrating tonight?

- And are we invited I guess would be the second question.

- We've seen some of those parties. Those pictures look pretty--

- Yeah. Yeah, for sure. I don't know. I'll find out, when I get home, what's for dinner, from Amanda. And we'll probably just go to dinner somewhere.

- Keep it easy. Keep it simple.

- Keep it easy, yes.

- Getting old.

- 24.

- Here's what's funny is I heard the King, your new boss, talking earlier today, and he said, we're glad to have Bubba on board because he's cutting edge. What has bringing this guy on done to energize the shop, Drew?

- You saw it about 30 minutes into practice at Pocono. You know, I-- we have digital radios on. He goes out on the race track. Everybody on the team's calling back on it. There's a radio talking to me on top of the truck. We like this.

And it's like, well, we haven't even run a lap yet. Calm down. Let's see if the kid gets around here to the start/finish line first. He's got to shift twice and brake three times. This-- this might be a little difficult. And they liked it. They liked the confidence he had and how he was-- surrounded himself with the team, and he wanted to be a part of them. And he's eager to learn, yet he's got a confidence about him that we all enjoyed.

- I know we still have some time before we get to Daytona, and I know it's been a busy day, but what is it like just having everybody reach out to you and congratulate you, and just all the love and support that you're getting right now?

- It's really cool. you know, to-- I mean, no matter if they reach out to you for--if you've done something great, you know, all of us here, when you have people who just reach out and show that, you know, they're pulling for you and that they're in your corner, it's really special to have that. Because you don't see that on a normal day basis. It's not everyday you're getting 150 text messages of congratulations. But just when certain things go your way and big things happen, you know, you do have those people that it's like, oh yeah, OK, cool, thanks.

- It's a popular higher, for sure.

- Oh yeah. So we've heard from the driver. We've heard from the crew chief. Now let's hear from the boss man. Here's the King, Richard Petty, with Alan Cavanna.

- Adam, we heard from the new driver of the 43. Let's hear from the guy who made it famous, King Richard Petty. You now have a young, talented driver signed up to drive full-time next year in the 43. How important is that to you?

- Very, very important. You know, I think the pace of NASCAR's changing a whole lot right now. You're getting a lot of new drivers coming in. And this happens about every 10 or 12 years where, you know, you went to Petty Pearson operation. Earnhardt dealed. Then Jimmy Johnson dealed. And, you know, Jeff Gordon. You know, they kind of led to the craft. So now they're looking for a new-- new leader, and we feel like we might have found one, so we're looking really, really forward to this.

ALAN CAVANNA: We've seen Bubba in the car. You've gotten to know him a little bit. Why is he the right person? Why can he be that leader?

RICHARD PETTY: He drove four races when Harry he got hurt, and improved every race. And he fit in the team really, really good. I mean, you would think he'd been there for a year, talking to all the guys. He got to know everybody. They got to know him. And it was just a-- I don't know, it was just a magic deal that all just-- just all came together.

ALAN CAVANNA: You've done a few things in this 43 car, so what kind of expectations do you put on a rookie?

RICHARD PETTY: If he does what he's-- what he did on a-- with the four races with us, then he's going to be the Rookie of the Year, for sure. And, you know, kind of a deal that he knows he's got to learn, because a lot of these racetracks he's not been to. So, basically he's not been in a Cup car. So, he's in a learning process. We're in a learning process.

But we feel like-- that we can have a really, really good year with him. You know, going to have a lot of competition as far as, you know, running for Rookie of the Year, but we're not gonna worry about that. We're going to say, you know, you're a professional, you've been here a long time, forget about the rookie part and just go do your job.

- Well, congrats on the news. We appreciate your time. The legacy of the 43 car continues. Adam.

- Really good perspective there, Alan, from Richard Petty. And here's the bio for Bubba. 24 years old. From Mobile, Alabama. We'll never forget those six career wins in the Camping World Truck Series, where the foundation of your career was really laid. And four starts in the Monster Energy series coming earlier this season in the 43.

I want to know, because there are so many 20-somethings now competing at NASCAR's top level, including your buddy Ryan Blaney.

- Absolutely.

- All of them having success. Does that apply pressure to you, now that you're going to be full-time?

- I think-- I don't see it as pressure. I just see it as the old days for us, because it's all of our buddies that are out racing together at the pinnacle sport-- pinnacle level of our sport in NASCAR. And it's going to be fun, for sure. I know, you know, Larson-- [INAUDIBLE] other son, but Chase, Ryan, Ty, Austin, [INAUDIBLE], we all raced against each other since we were kids. And now I can finally say I'm up there with the big dogs. It's pretty cool. Although, I'm bigger than most of them.