Joey Logano’s key takeaways from the first-ever elimination race at Kansas

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Joey Logano and Jeff Hammond break down how the first elimination race at Kansas played out and where it leaves the field heading into Martinsville.

- The wall right back there says it all. Crazy Kansas.

- Yes.

- A record number of caution flags. We were there in the spring. The big one on Sunday. What is it about this place, Joey?

- Kansas is not an easy place to get around. But the corners are really wide, and on restarts, drivers are so anxious to get up there and kind of get a big run. But the problem is they kind of come off the corner, and it gets tight and it gets really, really narrow.

And everyone is trying to squeeze right up in front of each other, trying to get that run down the straightaway, trying to get that push. They don't want to be three wide down the straightaway, because you're going to lose the angle into turn three that you want to have. You're going to get side drafted down the straightaway. So everyone just gets really aggressive. And that happens, and that's--

- It's not good.

- It's not good. No, it's not good.

- I've got a question for you. Just listening to you talk, did you drivers forget that this is not Talladega? I mean, did you forget that there needs to be a little more give and take, even at Kansas City? Is that what's kind of going on there, because to me--

- I think we've gotten to the point this season that there's only one goal for a lot of drivers out there, including myself. It's all about the win, and nothing else even matters. And then I think there's a lot of other drivers that have the same mentality, that they're just ultra aggressive right now. And you see things like that happen.

- When you see what happened with the 42 and you see what happened with The 20, how do you not race with a little bit of fear moving forward, knowing that really, anything can happen in these next three races before we get to homestead?

- Yeah, it definitely scared a lot of drivers, because you thought for sure that the 42 of Kyle Larson was a given to get through to the next round. And really, all the way into Homestead. The best thing that ever happened to Martin Truex wasn't that he won the race, it was that Kyle Larson got knocked out. Because in my opinion, Kyle Larson had the best shot of winning this championship if he got there, because nobody runs the wall better than Kyle Larson at Homestead. And I think that was a bigger win for Martin Truex than actually winning the race.

- I agree. I agree 100%, because that was going to be his guy that you were going to have to outrace him. I think a lot of people were dreading that, including Martin Truex Jr. I think everybody was scared to death of Kyle Larson.

- He said it on the show last week that the 42 was the one car that he did not want to have to see in Homestead.