Larry McReynolds & Regan Smith explain why NASCAR parked Matt Kenseth

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The 'NASCAR Race Hub' crew tell you exactly why Matt Kenseth was parked by NASCAR after being penalized for having too many men over the wall.

- I mentioned that Matt Kenseth was involved. We're on board with driver 20 here. Take us through this, Regan.

- Yeah. Right here, Matt's in a pretty good spot. He's on the bottom of the racetrack. We see a couple of cars to the outside. As we go forward with the clip, you're going to see up here on the corner of the screen here--

- Right there.

- Eric Jones right there.

- Eric Jones is right there. Matt is in a position where he could see that car get sideways. When you see that happen as a driver, you instantly think, OK, something might get ready to happen here. Again, a driver's instinct is that car is going to spin to the bottom. He's not going to go to the outside though.

- They're three wide in front of Kenseth. And we said it earlier, you talk about nowhere to go. He's between the rock and the hard place.

- And I'm not sure that they weren't going to have a problem coming off the corner to begin with. Matt's momentum is carrying him up to the wall. We see Austin Dillon on the outside here. Aric Almirola is now trying to come down to give room for Austin Dillon, but he also sees this wreck happening up here. Matt Kenseth is carrying his car to the wall like you would do on a normal exit. And now we've got a problem. Now we're into the wreck.

- He gets Almirola, which wasn't bad. Then someone gets him from behind. He spins and coming up right here hit again. Now if you watch this, he's going to continue to roll around. He got back to pit road. So you thought maybe there was a chance he would stay in the game. Unfortunately, Shannon, their problems they were just beginning.

Yes Yes they were. So one of the more shocking surprising moments had to do with that 20 car. Once that damage happened, came down pit road on the five minute clock, and check this out-- that's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven guys over the wall, which under NASCAR's new damage vehicle policy is a no no. So race is done for the 20, and here is how Jason Radcliffe told his driver.

JASON RATCLIFE: Yeah, we're done.

MATT KENSETH: Done? Somebody's got to tell me what in the hell is going on. I am so lost right now.

JASON RATCLIFE: Seven guys. Seven guys over the wall.

MATT KENSETH: What does that mean? You can't race anymore?

JASON RATCLIFE: That's right. You can't race anymore.

MATT KENSETH: So you're telling me we sent one too many guys over the wall, so we're going to not have a chance to race for the championship because of that? Is that what you're telling me?

JASON RATCLIFE: Nope. I'm telling you I sent six over, and somebody can't count. That's what I'm telling you.

MATT KENSETH: Honestly, I never heard of disqualifying somebody from a race if you got one too many guys over the wall or whatever happened there. I don't really know. I really don't have a lot of good things to say at the moment, so I'll probably try not to say much. Pretty disappointing way to end. Can't even go back on the racetrack because of an error we made and just couldn't be any more disappointed. We can't even go race for [INAUDIBLE] They just tell us we got to park it.

- Man, all right. So you spent a lot of years on top that pit box. Probably had to break some pretty significant things to your drivers. You got to feel for Jason Ratclife in this situation.

- I feel for Matt Kenseth. I feel for Jason Ratclife. I feel for those crew members where there were too many men over the wall. I had to break a lot of bad news to different drivers. I'm not sure I had to break anything like that. But I know this really was a storm yesterday when this happened. There was a lot of people in an uproar. But, Shannon, ever since the vehicle damage policy went into effect before the 2017 season, this has been a black and white rule. And you see right there you can't have an additional person go across the wall, but he's only permitted to service the driver or clean the windshield.

So that was not the case with the 20, but now with Jimmie Johnson, Chad Knaus in the 48 car, that was the case because there was a lot of people in an uproar. They were under that five minute clock, and they had seven guys over the wall. You see it right here. The one guy-- all he does is he goes across and pulls the tear off, and he gives Jimmy Johnson a water bottle. This is perfectly legal. And again, I'm proud that NASCAR is sticking to their guns. What fell under the radar because it was not major teams-- if you go back to Talladega last week, the seven car with Justin Marks, the 55 car with D.J. Kennigton-- the same rule infraction. The same penalty. Too many men over the wall working on a wrecked race car, and they had to go to the garage area. So NASCAR has been consistent. That just kind of fell below the radar because we're in the playoffs.

- Right. Something else is they had that number one. The 20 had that number one pit stall, so you didn't have a lot of time to correct anything that may have gone wrong.

- Yeah, the radio transmission that I did hear on the broadcast yesterday, first, Jason Ratclife did say, seven men, seven men. And then he immediately pushed the clutch in and said, six men, six men, but it was too late at that point. The penalty had already been incurred, and unfortunately, their quest for a championship came to an end yesterday.

- One of our past champions done.

- That has no idea of possibly what he's doing next year.

- That is true. That is true.