Regan Smith remembers when Dale Earnhardt Jr. became a Denver Broncos fan

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In the third installment of 'Dale Yeah!' Regan Smith takes you through his favorite memories with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

- I've got a lot of members of the Dale. I've been fortunate enough that I got to call him a boss for a little while as well as a friend. And for me, the one that really sticks out, it was on vacation, there was a group of us that were together vacationing a few years back. And it actually happened to be the year that the Broncos went to their first Super Bowl. So I think it would have been the winter of 2015. And we were watching the AFC Championship game and I know Dale's a die hard, he's a really big Redskins fan. But I have the proof in photo that maybe Dale's just a little bit of a Broncos fan at heart. That's a Broncos, that's a Peyton Manning jersey that he's wearing right there. A Redskins fan in a Peyton Manning jersey, so I managed to sucker him into wearing that jersey and putting that on for a few minutes. So I got a kick out of that.

All seriousness, first win at Jr. Motorsports in the first race for them, I was coming off of a pretty rough year on the cup side and had the opportunity with JRM the following year. And we were using Homestead purely as a test just to see where the cars were at, evaluate everything. They were coming off of a rough year as a company, and really struggling, and went out there in the first race and hit a home run and win the race. And the first guy to the car was Dale, as it normally is when any of his cars win. And we've seen that documented pretty regularly. And he's right there, he's got this big grin on his face. He's all excited, and that meant a lot to me. It was personally, and professionally, it meant a lot to have him pop his head in there immediately and be the first guy that I saw when I pulled into victory lane. So that was a cool memory. And the jersey, that was pretty funny too.