Watch David Ragan go skydiving with Alan Cavanna

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Watch David Ragan handle a different type of speed as he goes skydiving with Alan Cavanna.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - This is Ryan Langley front tire changer on Sundays for this guy, David Ragan. That's a dangerous job, right?

- It can be, especially with him driving.

- Well, during the week, you have a different job. You jump out of airplanes.

- I jump out of airplanes.

- What's scarier-- doing a pit stop for him, or jumping out of an airplane?

- They're both equally scary, I'd say.

- How many times have you done this?

- Just under 700. I think this i going to be 698, I believe.

- Now, we're about to jump out of an airplane. You drive 200-plus miles an hour. Are you nervous?

- I'm not nervous right now, but I think when I get up into the airplane and I look over the ledge, I think I'll have a little bit of anxiety.

- You jump out of airplanes. You drive race cars. I put makeup on.

- Let me do it here.

- I'm nervous. I am the nervous one, so I hope you treat us well. I'm looking forward to this.



- She really wanted to go with him. And jump first, right?


- Get up, get up, come on, put your hands up! Put up your hands, come on. Come on and get them up! Come on, you know what's up. Put your hands up! Get up, get up, come on! Put your hands up! Come on and get them up! Put your hands up! Come on!


- Yes!


- Awesome.

- You can take that hat off.

- Oh, [INAUDIBLE]! We did it! OK, let's go to dinner tonight. God, let's go eat.

- What's scarier? 200 at Talladega or what we just did?

- Definitely what we just did. Thank you so much.

- Thank you.

- This was awesome.

- Thanks for hanging out at Skydive Carolina.