Larry McReynolds remembers Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s first career Cup victory

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In the first segment of 'Dale Yeah!' Larry McReynolds goes all way the back to Texas Motor Speedway in 2000 to remember Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s first career Cup win.

- It was one of the most anticipated first visits to victory lane in NASCAR history. It never was a matter of if, but when, Dale, Jr. would win a Cup race. It happened in the great state of Texas, and Larry McReynolds tells us how it happened in this first edition of "Dale, Yeah."

MIKE JOY: And how about this kid?

BUDDY BAKER: He can coast on now, Mike.

MIKE JOY: Checkered flag. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is Texas Motor Speedway's second first-time Winston Cup winner.

- That first career win at Texas Motor Speedway, you know, I think maybe up until that point, even though he had won Xfinity Series races, he had won two Xfinity Series championships, that the question was out there, can Dale Earnhardt, Jr. be a winner in the Cup Series? And for him to do it in his rookie season at Texas Motor Speedway, I think it gave him the confirmation that I can do this. I can win. And I think it also-- not that his dad, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. ever doubted Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s ability-- I think it gave him, Sr., the confidence and check mark that, hey, my kid can do this. He can be a winner in the Cup Series.

- I tell you, he's something else. He was talking about coming to Texas and winning his first Cup race. He won his first Busch race here. We knew the kid could do it. Tony Eury and all the guys worked really hard. And I've got to thank Budweiser, Chevrolet, and everybody. This kid, he worked hard. Tony, Tony, Jr.-- Tony, Jr. Tony, Sr., Richie Gilmore and all them guys at that engine shop. We've got a good race car and a good engine and the boy drove a good race.

- And that was definitely one of those Kodak moments, when Dale Earnhardt, Sr., in street clothes after the race, got to victory lane, shoved everybody else out of the way. And I can still see that Cheshire Cat grin on Dale Earnhardt, Sr.'s face and couldn't wait to hug and embrace and congratulate Dale Earnhardt, Jr. on that first win as a rookie at Texas Motor Speedway.