Take a look at the massive new championship trophy for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series

NASCAR has unveiled a massive new championship trophy, standing at 37 inches tall and weighing in at 68 pounds.

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NARRATOR: When a fraction of an inch or a tenth of a second separates failure from success, how can you truly measure a season? Laps led, passes made, trophies won, or one trophy? The trophy, the most coveted symbol of stock car supremacy, unleashed for the bold, captured only by the best. Each battlefield woven into its surface, a reminder of obstacles overcome, the ultimate monument to perseverance, to survival, to excellence, the trophy that marks the true measure of success, the trophy that marks a champion.

ADAM ALEXANDER: There it is, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup, unveiled today by NASCAR. It's awesome.

- It's a beauty. I'm going to give you this, because this is white-glove treatment only for this beautiful trophy. And if you look closely, you can see every single track that's on the circuit is actually on this trophy. It's pretty cool.

ADAM ALEXANDER: All 23 woven in. It's 68 pounds, 37 inches tall, and the number 37 also significant because you can put 37 cans of what inside there?

- Monster Energy Drink, but I'm going to raise the bar a little bit more and tell you, you can also put 24 bottles of champagne-- popping the champagne in victory lane.

- You don't put the champagne in there. You turn it back like this after you win that. We'll find out who's got it in 12 weeks.

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