Chase Elliott will pilot the No. 9 in 2018 while William Byron takes over the No. 24

Starting in 2018 William Byron will take over the iconic 24 car for Hendrick Motorsports, while Chase Elliott will pilot the No. 9.

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- Hendrick Motorsports, of course, continues to evolve with new faces for next season, and now a new number. The team announced Tuesday evening that Chase Elliott's going to run the number 9 car next year. That number went to victory lane with his father, Bill, in 38 of 44 of his career wins, also won a championship. Then, William Byron is going to go over to the 24 team that Elliot had been running, and as a result, Hendrick Motorsports will not run the number 5 on a car next season. What did you think when you learned about this?

- Well just to clarify, so everybody understands, they're not switching teams. Right? They're just basically taking a car number off of one car and sticking it on another. So the 5 is getting put away for a little bit. The 24, I think it's an awesome thing, I think the 24 car is synonymous with young drivers and young talent. Obviously, Jeff Gordon is one of the guys that really started the youth movement. I know he's an old man now, but back in the day, he was pretty young [INTERPOSING VOICES] Sorry, boss, but nonetheless, I think that having Chase in that car brought up that youth movement again, and now putting William in there I think solidifies that. And then, obviously, having the heritage of Bill Elliott driving that 9 car, for as many races he did, for 38 of his how many wins that you said. And Chase getting the opportunity to carry that on, for himself and for that family, I think is a huge, huge moment. You know, he had a lot of success in the Xfinity series with that number winning the championship in a bunch of races.

- Yeah, and your dad drove a race car. So how about the connection for Chase to get to pilot the number 9 that his father, Bill, had so much success with?

- Yeah well, everyone talks about heritage and family in this sport, and whenever you can bring back one of your father's numbers, that's really special, and I know that's a special thing for Chase and Bill and the Elliott family. I know I'd love to run one of my dad's old numbers, from what he used to race in NASCAR or sprint cars, but it's pretty neat to see the heritage of that team. And it's really, really neat that Hendrick allowed him to do that.

- Chase, of course, was on vacation, as were most of the cup drivers, but of course, once the announcement was made, he took to social media to let everyone know exactly what he thinks about the deal.

- I know at this point, you already know about the big news with the number change and a lot of that. I did bring out an old tee shirt today. So but this is something I'm really, really excited about. You know, this number is really, really special to me and my family, and I appreciate the support and looking forward to getting to Darlington this weekend with the really cool throwback scheme of my dad's old car, and we're ready to go. So we'll see there.

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