Here’s how NASCAR drivers filter out their haters on social media

Hear from some of the top Cup Series drivers on how they filter out their haters on social media.

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DRIVER: I didn't even know you could have filters on there until we were on Race Hub a few weeks ago and Austin Dillon says he has "short" as a filter.

- Filters on social media? I didn't know you could put filters on social media.

- I mean, he's short, but I'm shorter than him.

- When people are really, really dumb, that's when you get blocked. So if you've gotten blocked, you're an idiot.

- I didn't even know you could set filters on social media, so no, no, I never have.

- I usually just mute them so they don't know I blocked them.

- I haven't used the filters yet. I think I'm going to stay filter-free.

- I even went back to all the people I blocked, unblocked them, muted them.

- No, but I probably should. That's a good idea.

- I try not to respond to people that are negative. Jimmie does. Jimmie likes to pick on folks.

- No, I have not set a filter. I have not blocked or kept anyone from hazing me, so have at it.

- Definitely don't use filters, because it's false advertisement. Everyone out there stop using filters.

- I love that everyone has a strategy on this. What about the three of you? How do you handle the haters? Brad, why don't you start us off?

- Well, I mean, I don't have a lot.

- Well, of course. Of course.

- Yeah, OK. You too, Brad.

- It's not a big problem.

- He's blocked all [INAUDIBLE].

- I didn't start with you on purpose, OK?

- I'm trying to think of how many followers I have on Twitter, because that may be the number of haters I have.


- So I did look through. About a month ago I looked through, and I said, you know what, I'm going to unblock, because I had blocked. When I first got on Twitter I blocked a few people, and maybe a couple of seasons ago, too. And I looked through and I had a couple that were number 24 biggest fan. I was like, wow, huh, I know why that guy got blocked.

So I unblocked a bunch of it, and now I'm starting to just do mute. Because people change, and sometimes people say things they regret. I know I've said things in the past that I wish I hadn't said. So you know, I try to do it in like a timeline, right? So if it's someone I blocked like three or four years ago, I kind of try to unblock them and give them another chance.

- I mean, I like constructive criticism. So I like to hear from the fans. I like to hear what's on their mind. And I like some of them that are very candid.

But if you start getting disrespectful and you take it to another level with certain words that you use, then I'll go to your page and I'll start looking to see who you are and how you've responded to others. And if I just see a consistency of bad behavior, I'm like, pow, you're gone.

- You're gone.

- I don't want you in my life.

- Do you use any of it as like bulletin board material? I mean, maybe like as motivation when you get to the racetrack?

- I mean, I don't really care in all honesty. Like I get some good-- mainly good. But every now and again if something happens on the racetrack, I actually-- and I shouldn't-- but I start looking at them. And I kind of enjoy it, and maybe it's a kind of a guilty pleasure.

- So you use it as motivation, right, a little bit?

- No, I use it to laugh at. I get a little humor out of it. Like, some of them are really creative, and it's kind of like, it's really funny to me. So I've never blocked anyone, and I get kind of a kick out of it.

But I don't ever really write back, because I don't want people to think you should just be talking bad about people. That's not the right thing to put out there for kids and things like that. I don't believe so. I try to respond to the people who are positive. But haters are going to hate, you know? Hate is going to hate, and that's just what it is.

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