Should Cup drivers be allowed to race in the Xfinity & Truck Series?

The 'NASCAR Race Hub' crew debate if NASCAR should continue to limit Cup driver participation in Xfinity and Truck Series competition.

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- Next season, NASCAR has said that any cup driver with more than five years experience can only run in seven Xfinity Series races, five truck races, and will be restricted from the playoff races in those series. Listen guys, I know we all want to see Xfinity Series drivers go out there, win races, get victories. But, on the same hand, we know that the cup drivers, a lot of the times, they're the ones who bring the money in for these lower series. You sell these guys and these cars. So, how do you think this is going to affect things? Casey, we'll start with you.

- Well, I mean, I think it's going to be a work in progress. You know, obviously NASCAR is just making changes as they go, to see how things are going to react. But I think that it's going to be a good thing from the standpoint it's going to give these Xfinity guys, and the regular season guys, to go out there and get more points and solidify a better spot in the playoffs. But, at the same time, it was always nice to have that gauge, too. You don't want to get rid of the cup guys completely. Because I remember, when I was in the Busch Series or Xfinity series, coming up, it was always nice to be able to beat that cup guy. And really solidify yourself as a guy that's capable of going up to that cup level and competing. And a perfect example is Daniel Suarez, when he beat Kyle Busch head up. I mean, there was absolutely no doubt in anybody's mind, at that point, that Daniel had the capability of going up to cup. So, you got to keep that element for several reasons. But from a team owner standpoint, I'm sure--

- Yeah. It's a little different when you sit the owner's chair. Because, at that point, you're looking at, how do you enhance your business or your team? You take that cup driver and try to leverage it a little bit. OK, he's running on Sunday, we can use on Saturday. We can go out there and, maybe, find us a sponsor that's not quite willing to step up to the cup level, and we get him out here on Saturday and get him interested in the sport. I call it cultivating a sponsor. Just like you would your pit crew or any of the other guys. And, so, use that.

But on the other side, you know, Kyle Busch, 89 times he's won the series. I think people finally are like, ugh, can somebody else win? I understand that part of it. I'm living it, too. I'm watching these races. But, I do know, that from an economic standpoint, you've got to be careful on how much you limit these cup drivers being able to go out there and compete.

- From my perspective-- and seeing it from both sides-- when I was doing cup full time, I wanted to go run Xfinity or Bush or whatever you want to call it races. Because it helped make you better for your race on Sunday. You learned the race track, you learned the tire, you learned what was going to take place. Then I stepped back into the Xfinity Series and I see it from the other perspective. I say, wow, these guys are good race car drivers. They're coming down here, they're getting in very good race cars, and they're beating us every week. And it's a challenge to climb that ladder and try to beat them. Kyle Busch, in a good race car, is going to be hard to beat. No matter what you do with him, he's going to be difficult to beat.

At the same point, though, Junior Motorsports had to leverage cup guys, as you said, to bring that money in. So, you can see it from every different angle. I don't know what the right answer is. I don't know what the right balance is. I don't think anybody does. And, as we said, we've got to let this thing evolve. And it's got to be a work in progress. And, you know, who knows? If Kyle Busch doesn't do what he's been doing over the past 10 years in this series, maybe we're not even having this discussion, right now. Maybe we just call it the Kyle Bush rule and be done with it.

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