Pro class final highlights from the AAA Texas NHRA FallNationals | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING

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Watch Steve Torrence, Robert Hight, Tanner Gray, and LE Tonglet take home the top prizes in the Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock, and Pro Stock Motorcycle finals at the AAA Texas NHRA FallNationals in Dallas.

[ENGINES ROARING] ANNOUNCER 1: Steve Torrence has done it again. And finally, for the first time, he has won in the Lone Star State.



Robert Hight will not be denied.


ANNOUNCER 2: A second consecutive countdown race win, an extension in the points lead, and the 45th career Funny Car race win for Robert Hight. Remember the storyline. No repeat winners in terms of championships in this category since John Force last did it in 2002. He is halfway home to ending that, as the reigning Funny Car champion continues to hold the throttle down in this year's countdown. I can't imagine not only what his team but he went through over the last 14 days.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, by all means. Robert Hight has his confidence back, and it shows on the starting line. Got the advantage by 1/200 of a second. J.R. Todd was on him like a hen on a June bug, but this team did not make a mistake.

Robert solid on the starting line. Knew he had a good car underneath him. And a week and 1/2 worth of hard work has paid off for this team.

Shane, Gray looking over, sizing up the competition. His focus goes back on his car now. That's Tanner Gray, 2-0 in finals versus Jeg Coughlin.


Will he go to 3-0 or will Jeg exact some revenge?

ANNOUNCER 2: Tanner Gray got the slight advantage at half track. And he's got him covered. Tanner Gray wins again.


His 12th race win in his 45-event career. Those are some gaudy numbers, and he extends the lead in the Pro Stock category.

ANNOUNCER 1: Are we seeing the youngest champion in NHRA history? We're halfway through the countdown, and he's in firm control.

ANNOUNCER 2: I think we're witnessing it. It's right before us. You can see Jeg Coughlin gave it everything he had, but this is how you win championships for Tanner Gray. You qualify seventh. You're racing the number-one qualifier.

You get off the starting line first, and you outperform him on the track. And by the length of the hood of a Chevrolet Camaro, Tanner Gray has won for the first time in Dallas. A race that his tuner, Dave Connolly, also won.


Both green lights. The better one, though, to LE Tonglet. And LE has just become a 20-time national event winner.

- Yay! LE Tonglet.

ANNOUNCER 2: Dad definitely loves that-- Gary Tonglet. He's got a son that has a massive lead now in the Pro Stock Motorcycle points race.

This was the rubber match, and give it to LE. Well, for all you multi-car teams, this is the way you do it. A good start for LE Tonglet. Good start for Jerry Savoie, side-by-side the duration. Jerry was actually a little bit quicker to 330 feet. In terms of performance, they were only separated by 1/15,000 of a second.