Pro class final highlights from the NHRA Midwest Nationals | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING

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Watch Steve Torrence, Robert Hight, Tanner Gray, and Matt Smith take home the top prizes in the Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock, and Pro Stock Motorcycle finals at the AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals in St. Louis.



3.77, win number 7. Defending champion in Gainesville has started the countdown with back to back wins.

CREW MEMBER: Good job, homie.

DAVE RIEFF: We give Tanner Gray lots of props. The winner in Pro Stock has won 11 races in the last 45 events. Steve Torrence has just picked up his 15th win in that same time frame. Incredible job by Steve Torrence.




DAVE RIEFF: Robert Hight has won the race, but his car has exploded. And he is in the wall. Jimmy Prock, like everybody else, gathering all of this information in-- processing.

CREW MEMBER: Go now. We want you to go now, guys.

DAVE RIEFF: Tanner has had a stranglehold on the category, but Drew Skillman can give Pro Stock it's 10th different race winner. One car stumbling, and it's Drew Skillman. And just like that, Tanner Gray, with a 004 reaction time, has earned his 11th career win in just 44 events.

Bill Grumpy Jenkins, Frank Iaconio-- they each had 11 wins in their career. This kid hasn't even turned 20 yet.

TONY PEDREGON: Well, problems in the left side of your screen for Drew Skillman early in the run. But that's exactly why we talk about the reaction time. It would have been tough for Drew Skillman to catch Tannery Gray. Two hundredths of a second, in this category, with these cars so evenly matched, make a big difference. And Tanner Gray, living up to his reputation of being good on the starting line.

But he also pounded out a full run. That wasn't the case for Drew Skillman.



DAVE RIEFF: Matt Smith, 008, holding a hundredth.

TONY PEDREGON: LE's a little quicker.


DAVE RIEFF: And the win, by six ten-thousandths of a second--


--via the whole shot, is Matt Smith. A razor thin, two inch margin of victory allows him to extend the Pro Stock Motorcycle Points lead.

TONY PEDREGON: Oh, this is a heck of a race. There's not much LE Tonglet could do. He was actually extremely good off the starting line. But close to perfect, pushing the envelope-- a little quicker, he would have gotten a red light. But Matt Smith knows how to handle these final rounds, tucking down low.

But look at how close it is at the finish line.

DAVE RIEFF: If Matt Smith would have been 0.009 on the reaction timer, this race would have gone the other direction. But it didn't. The Mello Yello Holeshot Better Reaction Time win, for the 20th time in his career, it's Angie Smith's husband, Matt Smith.