John Force after hard wreck: ‘I will never give up on it until it kills me.’ | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING

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John Force was able to walk away from his car after suffering another major explosion and said that the car will not ever beat him.

ANNOUNCER 1: John's in the wall, hard.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, the throttle's stuck too. Hang on John.


Looks like and sounds like when it went into the wall, it hung the throttle open for a little while. And it finally settled down. So let's hope that you see some movement from John and everything ends up OK.

ANNOUNCER 1: In what has already been a tumultuous season for the 16 time champ.

ANNOUNCER 2: That's a good sign.

ANNOUNCER 1: Best news there is the roof hatch opening up. That's John Force at least alerting everybody that he is conscious inside of the race car. NHRA Safety Safari quick to descend after a major impact on the right side of the car at about the 330 foot block on the racetrack. John Force climbs out. No doubt will be a tender, sore man tomorrow.

On the left side of your screen, let's take a look at what happens to John Force. Car loses traction, makes a pretty hard right turn, goes into the wall and we'll see if we can watch this and take a listen to it.

But, if I'm not mistaken the car when it hits the wall, that's when it typically will hang the throttle open because it shifts the body. And you could see the car making a few contacts with the wall. And the reason for that is because the throttle was opened. But you can see the body kind of shift open. There was a section of that. That flap is designed to relieve a lot of the pressure when the engine did blow up.

Let's take a look at the replay. What happens, it loses traction and John instinctively gives it a quick open and close, or close and open of the throttle. And that's just what drivers do instinctively. We do it on race day, and John is just programmed to do that. But when the car did lose traction it probably had a lot of clutch coming. The conditions are cooling off, making a lot of power. And again, I've said it then. These cars make so much power when they lose traction, you really need a good bounce. And in this case it wasn't working in John's favor.

ANNOUNCER 2: You saw Laurie Force, his wife, terrified like the rest of us over this incident. In the wall hard. Lots of fire. Lots of spark. Certainly lots of questions. Some that hopefully John Force will be able to answer for us here momentarily.

ANNOUNCER 1: You know John's got the steering wheel all the way to the left.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's wheeling it.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's trying to keep it off the wall. So he was doing his job, but because the body was shifted that's a reason that throttle just kept opening and really compounding the problems.

- I know the drill. I'm here in Pique's hometown. I drive for Chevrolet, and Auto Club, and Advance, and Monster. My job, PPG, is to go out there and win. And I thought I'd turned it around this week, and it blew the tires off. I thought it broke an axle. It made such a right turn on me, but it'll do that when it strikes a tire. It made me ride. It put me into the wall and I got it off the wall. And then the body must went down on the front tire, because that sucked me into the wall like three times. Boom, boom. It kept hitting my shoulder.

All the work we did in the safety with the head padding in the last few weeks from a couple of those crashes, that really work because I slammed you know, roll cage twice. But I was good. But my shoulder. I'm going to have a take to look at it. You know, my collarbone because it hit me like three times. Then it took off. It took off again, but I reached out and pulled the fuel shut off and shut it off. So I know my safety stuff.

This race car will not ever beat me. You understand? It's my best friend, and it ain't treating me right. But you got to take care of it. You got to get it right and I will never give up on it till it kills me, and that's the God's truth.