Walk 1000 feet with Angelle Sampey | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING

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Get to know Pro Stock motorcycle driver Angelle Sampey, the winningest female driver in motorsports, as she walks 1000 feet with Amanda Busick.

- Angelle Sampey, the winningest woman driver in all of professional motor sports. When you hear that, what impact does that have on you?

- You know, a long time ago I didn't really like the title because I wanted to be the winningest. I don't want to be the winningest female. But as I've grown older and I've realized how tough the sport is and winning a single time is really tough, to be the winningest female of all time, I'm so proud of it, and especially now that I have a little girl and I get to tell her that and I get to teach her that no matter what it is she wants to do, she can do it.

- You describe yourself as a Cajun girl from the bayou of Louisiana. What are Cajun traits?

- You know, I think the biggest and most important one is everybody in Louisiana is raised to know that there's no one better than us and we are better than no one.

REPORTER: You kicked off your career in 1996. Four races later I think you took the pole position. Did you think that success would happen so quick?

- Actually that race, four races in my career, not only did we get number-one qualifier, also set the national ET record and won the race against Dave Schultz, who is the greatest of all time. I was in awe just like everybody else.

- You retired in 2010. Did you think you would come back?

ANGELLE SAMPEY: No, I knew I wouldn't come back. It was just that I had put my personal life off for so long. I wanted to be a mom. The only thing I was missing was the adrenaline rush and I was trying to find a way to fulfill it.

- You returned in 2015 with one goal in mind. What was that?

ANGELLE SAMPEY: It's to show my daughter what she can accomplish. Hard work makes dreams come true. And so that's what I'm here to prove to her.

- And Angelle, as we approach the finish line, what would your victory dance be?

- I'll show you what we've been practicing. I didn't come here to dance.

- Ooh. And that's your walk 1,320 feet with someone I'm never messing with, Angelle Sampey.