Courtney Force & Leah Pritchett win Nitro categories at Atlanta | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING

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For the second time in history women win the Nitro category finals, with Courtney Force winning in Funny Car and taking over the points lead, and Leah Pritchett taking the Top Fuel prize at the NHRA Southern Nationals.

ANNOUNCER: Courtney Force knows well that Matt Hagen in that other lane is a big threat.

ANNOUNCER: Don Schumacher with the opportunity to double today, first would like to see Matt Hagen beat Courtney Force, who's sister, Ashley Force Hood, became the first woman ever to win a Top Fuel Funny Car race at this facility 10 years ago. Courtney Force is a powerful force in Fuel Funny Car. With that win, she not only gets the second of the season, but she takes over the Funny Car points lead.

INTERVIEWER: On this season, Courtney, you just became the points leader. Should other teams be worried?

- For sure. This is a pretty amazing feeling. I'm so proud of my Advanced Auto Parts guys, Corradi and Hood. They just do a phenomenal job, and you know, I try to do the best job that I can as a driver and make them proud.

But you know what, they've given me a heck of a race car all season long. It's just the start of it. Good [INAUDIBLE].

It's just the beginning, but you know what, it feels great to be in the points lead. This is huge. My sister Ashley's here. My sister Britney. I told them they better be down there if we get this Wally and we got it.

So for Chevy, for Peak, for Monster Energy, Auto Club, Advanced Auto Parts, and Parker [INAUDIBLE], woo! We're in the points lead. Number one qualifier and we got the win. I'm so excited. This is awesome.

ANNOUNCER: Leah Pritchard set to take on Blake Alexander. You ride on board with Leah. She also looks to end that Don Schumacher racing Top Fuel winless streak. Halt that now 14 races after she last won at Brainard, but she's taking on Blake Alexander.

As we turn to Louis Bloom, we showed you a stat a moment ago. He is the 28th driver to make it to a nitro final in both Funny Car and Top Fuel, which got us thinking. I wonder who the first one was.

ANNOUNCER: Well, it was not the Snake Don [INAUDIBLE] or not the Mongoose [INAUDIBLE].


ANNOUNCER: It was actually Mainard [INAUDIBLE], the 1965 Top Fuel champion who went to a final in '65 and then a Funny Car final in '67.

ANNOUNCER: Tony, would he have been in your top five if we'd have been doing this for real?

ANNOUNCER: I'd don't know if I would have guessed that, but I can tell you that that, you know, Blake Alexander, he's very versatile. They've got their hands full with Leah Pritchett. You know, they know they're coming into this final as an underdog, but you know, again, they have to race the conditions. It'll be interesting to see who gets off the line first.

ANNOUNCER: Red light. Blake Alexander by 6 thou. And women will share victory lane as Leah Pritchett ends the DSR Top Fuel winless streak while grabbing her sixth career race win. And for just the second time in NHRA history, women win both Nitro categories.

INTERVIEWER: I know I can feel that smile right underneath that helmet, Leah, and your struggles this season have been well documented. At this point last year, you already had three Wallies. Do the lows make the highs that much sweeter?

- They absolutely do. First and foremost, glory goes to God on this one. [INAUDIBLE], the entire Ferrari team, and thanks, you know, for Don Schumacher picking me up to have what I consider the greatest team ever. For Fireaid, for the Ronnie [INAUDIBLE] Foundation, US Army, and of course, Sparkling Ice and Papa John's always sticking with us.

Finally, we've got our momentum. We've got our Wally. I'll tell you what-- we're going to celebrate tonight.