Eli Tomac claims 450 main event in Las Vegas | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Eli Tomac pulls away from Marvin Musquin to win his eighth main event of the year at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas.

ANNOUNCER 1: They've battled all year, from coast to coast. They're set to settle it here in Vegas!


Who's going to get the whole shot? Tomac takes it! Musquin is right behind him. Anderson back in eighth.

That's where it starts to get a little scary for Anderson back there. You got to get away from the rest of the pack, get yourself in a comfortable position.

I know he wants to play a little bit of defense here tonight, Jeff. But you got to be careful to get too far out of your normal routine. Tomac just wants to dominate here tonight.

Here comes Anderson. Showing now that he's moving up a little bit, up into sixth.

Musquin coming after Tomac. He's got to win here tonight on that Red Bull KTM.

ANNOUNCER 2: Last time around Musquin had the fastest lap at 1.01. Only Tomac and Musquin are sub one minute lap time.

So Musquin can ride just as fast as Tomac right now, if not faster. He is really good, Musquin that is, on this type of track.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tomac into the sand with the lead. Musquin back in second. Here he is.

Where's Anderson? Here comes Baggett, Christian Craig on the factory Honda.

And here comes Jason! Anderson right now holds down fifth. And the gap in points between Anderson and Musquin has been cut to single digits. It's nine for the title right now, with Anderson having the edge.

ANNOUNCER 2: Musquin is just eating roost this whole main event. And that roost, when you go out Monster Alley, and all the way around there, it feels like just, you know, being hit with a shotgun.

ANNOUNCER 1: Point took.

ANNOUNCER 2: And he just stays in it. I mean, Musquin is so fired up right now, and so determined.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tomac [INAUDIBLE] pulled away. Marvin has reeled him right back in.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, now look at this. As they went through some lapped riders, oh, Tomac gets-- or, yeah, Musquin gets held up a little bit.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tops Musquin for sure. Yes.

ANNOUNCER 2: At the finish it was one second. Now, it's 1.3 seconds just in one turn. So can Musquin make this time back up? Does he have it in him to-- for one, you know, last little push to try to win this final main?

ANNOUNCER 1: So where is Anderson? While Musquin struggles to reclaim some of the lost ground to Tomac, Anderson sits here in fifth. [INAUDIBLE] still holds on to sixth behind him.

And Anderson has got a style that not many others can match.

ANNOUNCER 2: And Anderson, in so many categories he leads the way. Best average finish. Most triple crown wins. Most heat wins. Most podiums. Most top fives. Most top 10s.

Doesn't lead most laps led and most main event wins. Tomac has that. And he's certainly padding his wheel now.

ANNOUNCER 1: Eli Tomac takes the win in Las Vegas, the final one of 2018!

Here he comes. The title awaits as he makes his way around on the final lap in front of the crowd here at San Boyd Stadium. Standing on his feet, the 2018 Monster Energy AMA Supercross and FIM world champion is Jason Anderson!

- You know, the only thing you can do is not make those mistakes. And I started it with that at Anaheim 1. And it cost me. You know, I was down 50 points right off the bat.

So at that point, in this series, with the caliber of riders, if you do that, you know, you're pretty much out of it.

So, you know, that was the start of it. You know, once again, we got a lot of wins. But have to fix those mistakes if we want to hold that-- the big, big trophy. So, you know, it was a great year. Thank you to all of our sponsors, Monster Energy Kawasaki, Alpine Star, Bell, Oakley, PPG.

You know, eight wins in the 450 class was great. But, you know, we'll keep hunting that big trophy next year.