Adam Cianciarulo Wins 250 Main at Las Vegas | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Adam Cianciarulo scores his first win of the year at the final race of the season from Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas.

[ENGINES REVVING] ANNOUNCER 1: The whole shot will be critical. Shane McElrath gets the whole shot in. Buried deep in the pack is Zach Osborne.

ANNOUNCER 2: Zach Osborne was almost last coming into the first turn. He tried to get to the inside.

I feel like he's probably going to come out mid-pack, which if you compare it to last year, where Zach Osborne was on the ground in the first turn, that's a lot better start. But he's going to have his work cut out for him here.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jeff, where's Plessinger? Timing and scoring shows him in 11th. He's the leader in the 250 West Championship.

ANNOUNCER 2: But the problem is Cianciarulo, who Plessinger is leading in the points in the West, is running fifth right now. Points as they run still has Plessinger with eight points to go. But we've got a lot of laps to go.

ANNOUNCER 1: There goes Osborne. And here comes Plessinger. So the two points leaders in their respective divisions right now run seventh and eighth.

ANNOUNCER 2: They're using that to their advantage, because as they run now--

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh! Oh no!


ANNOUNCER 1: Plessinger, he was completely out of the saddle.

ANNOUNCER 2: And if he had gone down, he would be completely out of the championship. That was as close as it gets.

ANNOUNCER 1: Martin is right there. Cianciarulo closes in. It's KTM Honda and Kawasaki. And Martin peaks to the inside again.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, Martin, you got to surprise the rider. He-- what-- he should have gone in harder, and pushed McElrath out of the way. Now McElrath is going to be looking for that next time around.

ANNOUNCER 1: It might be Cianciarulo who makes the move, as he comes inside of Martin, shoves him wide. And the kid out of Florida now sits in second, looking for his first win of the year.

And that gave Adam two more points. It's just five now between him and Plessinger.

And here he comes! New leader!

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh. He makes a mistake.

ANNOUNCER 1: But Cianciarulo takes the lead away. And Adam leads it here in Vegas. And he's going to cut even more into the championship lead of Aaron Plessinger.

Here comes Osborne. Osborne sits in seventh. But Jeff, he's 12 points up on Jordan Smith, who runs in fourth.

I don't think Osborne's struggling as much mentally as Plessinger. I just think he's playing a different game here tonight.

Trying to come to the outside of the Geico Honda, Martin cuts back inside.

ANNOUNCER 2: Whoa. This is going to be close.

ANNOUNCER 1: That could be the move. No. Not going to get him. Martin, quicker on the throttle.

Back into the stadium they come. Savatgy showing him the wheel again.

Looking inside. Still can't get it.

ANNOUNCER 2: So slippery out there on those hard sections. And Savatgy doing everything he can to grab a podium position.

ANNOUNCER 1: All of these riders--

ANNOUNCER 2: Not much time left.

ANNOUNCER 1: --putting it all on the line for the final podium of the year. Meanwhile, Adam Cianciarulo, working his way to the checkered flag in his first win of 2018.

Here come the potential champions. Aaron Plessinger sits in eighth. Osborne in seventh. On their way to the championship.

Zach Osborne will win the 2018 250 East Championship, his second. And Aaron Plessinger wins his first championship. The 250 West title is his.

- Well, first off, I just want to say, congrats to Aaron on this championship. Zach as well.

Aaron rode great all year, man. He had the consistency. It's like, you know, every weekend he has a good weekend, you're like, OK, the next one's going to be bad. Next one's going to be bad. And he never made that mistake. So props to him.

But as far as me, I've actually been riding with a torn ACL in my left knee for a little bit over a year now. I did it in Indianapolis in 2017. So just to kind of overcome that and get a win--

Actually, it's funny. I sprained my ankle in practice. And it's on the other side. So I was thinking to myself, maybe it balanced me out. And maybe that's what I was missing.

But, man, just a heck of a way to end the year. I actually have surgery scheduled for Wednesday. So unfortunately, I'll miss the outdoor nationals.

But, man, great way to finish it out with the guys. And you can bet I'm going to come back here. I'm going to be two times stronger than I am right now. That's my number one goal from now until Anaheim is to be the best I can be. And just a huge shout out to everybody that made it happen.