Eli Tomac wins the 450 main in Seattle | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Eli Tomac takes his sixth win of the year after going toe-to-toe with Jason Anderson at the very muddy 450 main event in Seattle.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Minutes, and one lap. Here we go! Musquin on the inside. Anderson tried to push past. Tomac was there. Anderson got the hole shot. But who's going to hang on to the lead? It's Musquin, for now. Here comes Anderson!

JEFF EMIG: Followed by Tomac, right there in third. Oh.

JEFF EMIG: Trying to find a rut that they can lock in on.


RALPH SHEHEEN: Anderson leaping over two. And into the lead he goes.

JEFF EMIG: Oh! [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, he takes it!

RALPH SHEHEEN: Can he catch up to Anderson, and apply some pressure to the points leader. Tomac, third in the championship. Oh! And down he goes off the bike! And he gets right back into the saddle. And Tomac, back into the fight. She's here for Hill. Making his return to the sport. And he's not only down, but then gets roosted, as Friese falls right behind him.

JEFF EMIG: Just look at the top of your screen, right? It's just chaos everywhere. Right there on the left hand side, you've got a little domino effect. Three guys going down. I believe that's Malcolm Stewart? Yep. There in the green.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Seemed like a [INAUDIBLE]. Anderson hasn't won in three starts. He was seventh in Daytona. Second in St. Louis. Fourth in Indianapolis, just before the break.

JEFF EMIG: Oh! That was close! I thought it was going to go wide. Then, lay it down.

RALPH SHEHEEN: And that wasn't even a gutsy move. He wasn't risking anything. That just shows you how treacherous the race surface is.

JEFF EMIG: Oh, no.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Oh, and Anderson's down! And he's struggling to get the bike picked up! There goes Tomac! Anderson ruling again, but he has lost the lead here in Seattle.

JEFF EMIG: So he's just through the rollers. Sitting on the seat. Stand up, and then whoop! Just like that. Little mistake. Oh, and he gets on the other side the tuff block. That's-- that's a tough position to be in, right there. And there goes Tomac.

Great look there from spider cam. But just-- oh!



RALPH SHEHEEN: Stay out of that mud. You see the huge puddles there. Boy, that got the crowd up off their seats.

JEFF EMIG: Yeah. He was ready to do his own belly flop right there, if he had gone of the left hand side. He's got a little bit of cooler coming out, but it's starting to be less and less. And that tells you it's just done. No goggles on for the majority of the race, right here. Oh, look at that. Still jumping a little double in there.

RALPH SHEHEEN: One of the most determined athletes you will ever meet. Chad Reed.

JEFF EMIG: 36 years old.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Here's Eli Tomac going for his 19th career win. He will tie Damon Bradshaw for tenth most all time. He will also tie Bradshaw for most career wins for any rider without a Monster Energy Supercross title in the premier series to his name.

JEFF EMIG: Strong ride tonight from Tomac. And you know. He can make it to the finish line here. Congratulations to Monster Energy Kawasaki. I know all the guys there put in such a big effort. Setting the bike up, and cleaning thing. It's a difficult night for everyone. And the team's done a great job also. Of course, Eli, he's the one that's on the seat, and has to twist that throttle. So he's on his way.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Pictures tonight, just amazing. Eli Tomac has survived Seattle, to win in the Emerald City!

JEFF EMIG: Oh, he's trying that outside line. Falls in behind him.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Smoking their way to the line. Oh no! Chad Reed again!

JEFF EMIG: The clutch is done.

RALPH SHEHEEN: So close to the finish! Trying to push it to the tiny line!


RALPH SHEHEEN: And he got it! Seventh. Chad Reed.

JEFF EMIG: So the time he gets--

RALPH SHEHEEN: In a plume of smoke, finishes Here tonight in seventh place.

JENNY TAFT: The winner of this race. Eli Tomac. Six wins for you, so far this year. How did you navigate this track? And how does it say a big testament to the effort of you and your team, all throughout the course of this day?

- It's just one of those tracks where you just have to-- you either ride it and have fun, or you're just in misery. And today we were having fun. You know. It's just-- that was, by far, the craziest Supercross motor race I've ever been in. It felt like I was just in the back yard, just having fun. And just riding in the mud. So that's the way I had to treat it. Got off to a good start there. Had to do some chasing on Jason. And he made that mistake, and then capitalized that. So, you know, that's what did me good there in the main, and staying on those two wheels.

JENNY TAFT: Well done. Eli Tomac. A six time winner, so far this year.