Aaron Plessinger wins the 250 main at Seattle | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Aaron Plessinger dominates the 250 main event amid multiple wrecks at the muddy Seattle course.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Main event has been cut down to eight minutes and one lap. Here we go! While McElrath came flying out of the gate, we've got Plessinger. He's a a rocket to the front. And the Yamaha rider's going to get the hole shot!

JEFF EMIG: Yeah. And Cianciarulo's going to be mid-pack. Savatgy trying to jump into second. Trying to get to the inside of Sexton.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Now, how much do you risk it from here? Risk/reward at every corner, and already one rider down.


RALPH SHEHEEN: Was that Oldenburg?

JEFF EMIG: I think it was Oldenburg, yeah. Yep.

RALPH SHEHEEN: And that's Mitch.

JEFF EMIG: Came into this event fourth in points.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Oh! Down goes Savatgy!

JEFF EMIG: Uh-oh. And that's a bad position to be in.


JEFF EMIG: Look at that. He's stuck under the bike, Ralph. Mountain Kawasaki, right now. And, remember. The kickstarter on these Kawasakis is on the right hand side. Kawasaki's not one of the bikes that has an electric start, like the Husqvarnas and KTM has. And on a bud race like this, the electric start gives a huge advantage. And look, the front wheel is just buried.

RALPH SHEHEEN: And he's stuck. Look at the rear wheel-- is virtually out of sight. And the more he grabs the throttle, the deeper it goes into the mud.

JEFF EMIG: And look at the engine heating up there. Just coolant coming out. After that great heat race, see how far back he's going to fall there, Ralph. Just gets sideways. Gets through the inside of the tough blocks. And tries to just power through it, right? Just, wide open. Trying to push that bike through, keep the momentum going. Now it's got everything he has, his physical strength, to try to get the bike out.

Top of your screen, Plessinger has put Savatgy a lap down. It's-- I mean that's got to be so frustrating, if you're Savatgy. Have that issue, and now to see the rider that you were chasing in points, you are nine points behind.

RALPH SHEHEEN: McElrath having issues on the racetrack, while Daniel was chatting there. You saw that he got going again. And Cianciarulo almost went by him, Jeff.

JEFF EMIG: I believe Sexton has gone by. Sexton was third. Let's see if timing and scoring catches up. McElrath was off the track. And you do not want to be off the track on that plywood. It is really slippery.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Sexton has moved into second. McElrath will drop to third. Cianciarulo holds onto fourth. And that's huge for Sexton. Because his career best so far was a third at Houston and San Diego, and he could better that here tonight.

JEFF EMIG: And I have been notified that with our timing and scoring crew, there's only one timing and scoring loop on the track here tonight. That's the finish line. Plessinger, feet out. He's having a great time. He's just extended his points lead.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Whew! Working the final lap, here. Well, Jeff, keeping your-- I mean, it looks like it's fun. Chequered is there. Aaron Plessinger wins one of the most challenging races of his career. As he takes it, here. Now. How about the dance. What's he got in store for us tonight?

JEFF EMIG: Oh, he's going in the mud. He's going in the water! Is he going to jump in the water?

RALPH SHEHEEN: Oh, he's getting the crowd on their feet tonight. There he goes! Bellyflop time!

JEFF EMIG: How deep that is there. He's actually cleaner now. Looks like it washed him off.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Yeah, right. Helped him out.

JEFF EMIG: Cleaned him off. Wow.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Aaron Plessinger, thrilling the fans on the racetrack.

JENNY TAFT: Very eventful day for the 250 riders has concluded with the 250 main. And Aaron Plessinger was the winner. And what an impressive belly flop. Have you recovered from that?

- Oh, my elbows hurt a little bit. But that was fun. That was a sick race. It reminded me a lot of a lot of GNCC. So it was good to get out there and have some fun, and rip some ruts. I mean, there was some-- there were some times where the ruts were two feet deep. And, you know, you just had to pick a good line. And we were getting down to be the plywood down there.

So, yeah. I got off to a great start. Got the hole shot. And just ran away with it. I knew I could do it here. And, you know, I love Seattle. I love all these fans here. They, uh. They make it exciting. And, you know. I just go get it up to the whole Monster Energy Yamaha-- Star Racing Yamaha team. Thor. 100% Bell. Alpinestar. [INAUDIBLE] Grips. Toyota. [INAUDIBLE]

My whole family. Everybody back home watching. And, uh, all these fans. And everybody else. Thank you. And Dr. G. My mechanic Billy Hardle. My trainer Gareth Swanepoel. And, yeah. Everybody else. Thank you so much.

JENNY TAFT: Nicely done. Aaron Plessinger, getting his fourth win so far this year.