Matt Hagan & Robert Hight suffer massive explosions at the same time | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING

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Matt Hagan and Robert Hight both suffer major engine explosions in their Funny Car matchup in Gainesville.

BRUNO MASSEL: Couple of champions side by side. Hight, Hagan.


BRUNO MASSEL: Oh, and another-- oh, double body blower.

DAVE RIEFF: You know that whole John Force place has had a, quite a bit of a problem with blowing these bodies up. I don't know what they can attribute that to.

BRUNO MASSEL: Great job of cars not getting together. First came Hight, it looked like, then came Hagan.


BRUNO MASSEL: Everybody looks like they're moving, that is the best news of all of this. My goodness, what is happening in 2018 in the fuel funny car category? And of course look at--

DAVE RIEFF: Neither one of these guys know who won.

BRUNO MASSEL: Look at Hagan. Did you? Who won? Who won? Did you win? Did I win? Hagan actually gets the win according to the Compulink scoring and timing system. But we will have to go back and take a look and make sure everything is not crossing center lines, not touching walls, not being dq-ed.

DAVE RIEFF: Well, Tony, you can attest to this. Those guys in those yellow suits are your best friend when something like this happens. You're looking forward to seeing somebody to come.

TONY PEDREGON: That's why these guys have the confidence that they do, they're more concerned about who won the race. And as long as the chassis crosses the finish line first and there's no infraction-- Robert Hight, at this point, at the 8th mile, was a little bit ahead. But you can see as soon as his car starts to slow down, problems are setting in.

They don't surface and rear their heads until the body blows up, but this was an extremely good and close race. And Robert's car blows the body off, a split second after, Matt Hagan's car does the same thing. And I can't tell you. You know, Dave, you posed the question, you know, what's going on with these funny cars. And the quicker they run, the faster the speed, they're putting fuel volume into them, the superchargers are better than they've ever been, they're pumping more air into the engine, and they're really turning--

BRUNO MASSEL: And the block is stronger, so when it does go, it's going to go big.

TONY PEDREGON: But they're turning the numbers up, you know. They put a lot of overdrive on them, they pour a lot of fuel, because they want to make power. Look at Matt Hagan and what he's subjected to. He's got the supercharger off the car. Look at, the concussion alone lifts the back of the car. He's in the seat, he's driving the car, he's trying to look around the supercharger, he knows that firewall is not on a car. So some of that fire, and some of that heat he's feeling, but fortunately the parachutes are out. Look at Robert Hight, his body is already off, he's going through the same thing that Matt was.

BRUNO MASSEL: Look at the Lucas Oil finish line camera. Two cars, bodies have already left, you can see the front of Matt Hagan's car is still attached, the fire still blowing there, he takes the round win.