Gray, Beckman, & Crampton take pro class wins at Gainesville | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING

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Watch Tanner Gray, Jack Beckman, & Richie Crampton take home the top prize in the Pro Stock, Funny Car, and Top Fuel finals at the NHRA Gatornationals in Gainesville.

ANNOUNCER 1: You saw the car last year. He said Pretty Ricky for Tanner Gray. But Bo Butner has become very consistent, very dependable as well, and he's right with Tanner off the starting line.

ANNOUNCER 2: Tanner a little quicker.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tanner gets there first, 6.58. And what that does for Tanner Gray, he joins his dad, the defending pro stock champion. And his grandfather, Johnny, who you just saw, a funny car winner here in 2013. We've got three generations of Gator Nationals winners represented by that moment.

ANNOUNCER 2: But I think he's realizing to beat Beckman, he's going to have to open up some flows.

ANNOUNCER 1: Look at the driver in the right lane driving away. Did Hagan drive around? No. Jack Beckman by the babiest of hole shots.

4.035 beats the quicker 4.034. That's where reaction time gets factored in, and Fast Jack Beckman has helped make a little NHRA history, as the number 1 qualifier in funny car has won the first three races to start a season for the first time ever.

It was Hagan in Pomona. It was Courtney in Phoenix. And now Fast Jack Beckman en route to his 27th career win. Ironically, coincidentally, tying him for ninth all-time with the man he just beat, Matt Hagan.

ANNOUNCER 2: There's something wrong with Shawn Reed's car.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, disappointment.

ANNOUNCER 2: It lost power. They're backing it up. This is going to be a single run for Richie Crampton. If he stages the car, they can hand him the trophy at that point.

ANNOUNCER 3: Big oil-- either oil or fuel sitting out on the racetrack. Obviously, something came loose and it had to be shut down. Disappointing way to end the day for Shawn Reed.

ANNOUNCER 1: For Richie Crampton, well, sometimes you get them handed to you. And I'm sure he'll be OK with that.


And for good measure, he's taking it the distance with a solid pass. At 3.85, Richie Crampton is now an eight-time national event winner. And that ties Kelly Brown and Del Worsham.

His first win since 2015 happens to also give Connie Kalitta his 96th organizational win as owner and driver. Of course, Connie winning this event in Top Fuel in 1994 when he beat his late son, Scott Kalitta.