Jean Éric-Vergne wins Uruguay thriller | 2018 ABB FORMULA E CHAMPIONSHIP

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Jean Éric-Vergne holds of Lucas di Grassi to win the Punta del Este ePrix in thrilling fashion.

ANNOUNCER 1: All five lights are on. And we go green in Uruguay. A very quick start from Vergne. A very quick lights change. Who's going to get to the first corner first? Well, Vergne has really gotten a jump. And Alex Lynn is going to try and challenge Lucas di Grassi for second position, not able to do so. Daniel Abt trying to force his way past Turvey. A few--


ANNOUNCER 1: Some body work flies. I think that might have been Nick Heidfeld getting involved. But all safely through the first couple of corners. They sprint down now to the second chicane. It's Vergne leading, then di Grassi, then Lynn, then Turvey, then Abt, then Lotterer, then Bird, then Buemi.

Skipping over the chicane is the silver and black Venturi of Edoardo Mortara, who has to get out of the way of Jean-Éric Vergne, who's caught the lead in the race, André Lotterer, in the other black and gold Techeetah, having to cover the inside from the Englishman, Sam Bird. I think that was Felix Rosenqvist trying to go around the outside down at the hairpin of 7 and 8. But Vergne it is who leads the way, lap 1 of 37.

You are-- well, this isn't the time for hypotheticals--


ANNOUNCER 1: --because this is really happening. Here comes di Grassi, looking to the outside. Vergne's going to squeeze him. Little bit of wheel rubbing, di Grassi's gone in too hot! Just keeps it out of the wall, goodness me! Lucas di Grassi attacked. And it almost went wrong. But Vergne has held the lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's looking. He's looking. Jean-Éric Vergne defends again.


ANNOUNCER 2: --good at defending, Jean-Éric. He does it in such a way, he's putting the car exactly where you don't want him to go if you're di Grassi. He's going for the move!

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, last move at the final corner! [INAUDIBLE]

ANNOUNCER 2: He's hit him.

ANNOUNCER 1: They're still going to be side by side. Vergne is still fractionally in front. And look how close they are. They're almost connecting with one another on the run down towards turn 1. Vergne covers the inside line. It narrows. It tightens. They nudge again.

Vergne is there now. 3 for the lead, 3 to go in round 6 of Formula E.

ANNOUNCER 2: This is brilliant.

ANNOUNCER 1: This is the last tour. Have any of them got something in them?


ANNOUNCER 3: They're all fairly well spaced out.


ANNOUNCER 3: And they've got decent energy. Vergne is probably the worst off on energy.

So save energy, commit to level 4.


ANNOUNCER 1: Save energy is the threat to Sam Bird. But Vergne is the least, you're right.

ANNOUNCER 2: I mean, that's--

ANNOUNCER 1: Final lap of the race.


ANNOUNCER 1: --quite going to be enough. Lucas di Grassi, super late on the brakes. Look how close he got to the back of Jean-Éric Vergne. Bird's made a mistake and has slipped away. Bird isn't going to win this race unless these two get all in a tangle in the final lap.

And here's di Grassi. He's pushing. He wants to take his first victory of the season. He wants to take his first victory for Audi. And he almost goes for it down into the chicane. Vergne chucks it through. There's only really one, maybe two more overtaking spots left.

Coming down into turn 18, super late on the brakes. Can he go for a last corner lunge, as he did a couple of laps ago? Jean-Éric Vergne pulls to the outside. And he's going to hold on as they come through the final corner. Jean-Éric Vergne wins for the second time this season in a thrilling race in Uruguay. What a drive from the Frenchman.

ANNOUNCER 4: Bravo! Bravo!


- I said, do I leave him space or not? I said, just in case he want to try the outside, well in case, I will leave him space. Otherwise we can lock the rear.

- I saw you try to--

- Pass me on the outside, I was like--

- No, no, no. I locked the rear. I locked the rear. i left you room.

- Otherwise you would have taken me.

- I take you out.

- Well, Jean-Éric Vergne, that was one of the most exciting races I think I've ever watched. You've dealt with pressure all day.

- Yeah. Believe me, pressure is part of my life every day. So to have pressure such as a man like Lucas, which he is at the moment the best Formula E drivers, the current World Champion, behind you was a car that is incredible. The Audi are so fast and very efficient. I drive him out of the race. I don't think you can do much more in term of pressure.

So I'm very glad. The team is working so hard. And sometimes it's not easy. I push them maybe too hard sometimes. I have no idea. But at least they see that hard work pays off. And today was the best example. So it will make everybody even hungrier in the team for more work and for more success.