John Force suffers third straight major explosion in Gainesville | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING

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John Force was able to walk away from his car after suffering a major explosion for the third time in three events.

SPEAKER 1: Right now it's time to get a little quicker.

SPEAKER 2: Dave Richards, a Florida native, tribute to his father Gary Richards on the side of that car. Beautiful.


SPEAKER 2: Oh! John again. Three for three. A big time explosion that John Force says they fixed the problem. Think again.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah. I like the [INAUDIBLE].

SPEAKER 2: But John looks to be OK, bringing the car to a stop. NHRA Safety Safari is on the scene. But it happens one time, eh. It happens twice, not yet a trend. Three times though, changes everything.

SPEAKER 3: Well, you know these guys, this team was re-evaluating things. They were re-thinking. They actually incorporated, installed new measures. Another safety light, a new shutoff device. But at this stage, I can tell you John has to be thinking, OK there's something wrong. We have to take a serious look at how we're running the car because it seemed to be running fine. Boom another explosion. No cylinders out, at least they didn't appear to be. Destroyed the body. And you can see that's engine damage right there.

SPEAKER 2: Hey Bruno, let's take this thing all the way back to last year. Don't forget Robert Hight had an explosion, ended up in the sand trap. Then came John and Brittany. And John again in Phoenix.

SPEAKER 4: Oh my goodness. You know, you don't know if it's a parts failure that's happening or something that it's tune-up related where they're pushing the edge too far. You know, everybody's running, pushing these things harder and harder to run the kind of speeds they are. And you talk to teams and everyone will tell you that they have to go much harder in a shorter duration on turn around and parts. Obviously, this team doesn't lack for parts, doesn't lack for the resources to go out and race. It might just be a situation they're pushing that tune-up too far on that razor's edge and getting burned.

SPEAKER 2: Three cars in three races. They may be lacking for resources now. Let's go take a look what the crew chief reaction and team reaction was at the starting line.

As you can see, John Force hands full here. Here is John Shaffer. Oh my goodness. You can read it right on his lips.

SPEAKER 3: Well, and he's got a button and he could manually shut the car off. But Bruno, to put some numbers to what you were talking about, you know you look at Advanced Auto Parts, PEAK, all these sponsors. But they have deep pockets. But these bodies are $60,000 every time you blow off. That doesn't include the $24,000 supercharger and a lot of those engine components.