Justin Brayton makes history with his first career 450 win | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Justin Brayton scores his first career win in the 450 main at Daytona and at 33 becomes the oldest winner in Supercross history.

ANNOUNCER 1: One more gate drop to go here tonight! Craig with the hole shut! Boy, he's been so quick on the inside, and [INAUDIBLE] is right there with him!

ANNOUNCER 2: [INAUDIBLE] third, Anderson mid pack. Anderson got hung up on the outside there. I can see at the bottom of the screen, and he's got his work cut out for him.

ANNOUNCER 1: Vince Friese had a good start too in the 55. He's about fourth. Justin Brayton won one of the three races in Atlanta last week. But couldn't get the-- oh! Problems for Tomack!

ANNOUNCER 2: That's coming out of the turn there. He looks like he's dead last on the field, and Brayton has the lead!

ANNOUNCER 1: And if Musquin can get around Brayton here, he gets a few more points!

ANNOUNCER 2: And Marvin's going for it. He wants to get out front and set sail.

ANNOUNCER 1: There he goes! Musquin gets around. He's got the lead now! Hard to tell if it's stuck to his hand and--


ANNOUNCER 1: Oh he's off the track! He's riding in the mechanic's area! Marvin Musquin was in such a great position here! And now he's got to get going again. He's back on track, and he's trying to get that


He was stuck on his glove, Ricky.

ANNOUNCER 2: Was it the [INAUDIBLE] that was distracting him.

ANNOUNCER 1: He dropped all the way to fourth, guys.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well [INAUDIBLE] back there. Eli Tomack, that rider out of Colorado. Oh! Did you see that? That was an awesome-- and Cooper, right to the inside! And he now moves himself up into second place.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tomack behind him, and don't forget, Cooper and Tomack have been at odds here tonight!

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, let's not forget about this ride that Craig's [INAUDIBLE]. He's a 250 rider filling in for [INAUDIBLE] riders. He's been pretty stable.

ANNOUNCER 1: That was-- that was an unbelievable pass. He came into that corner, went one line lower than [INAUDIBLE] Craig, turned down, and he is out of there. To set his sights right here [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh look at this! Tomack [INAUDIBLE] Here they come! The crowd on their feet at Daytona! [INAUDIBLE]


ANNOUNCER 2: That's Malcolm Stewart! And Tomack is [INAUDIBLE] Here he comes! Justin Brayton! Will he get his first career victory in 131 starts? He's going to do it! [INAUDIBLE] the history of Supercross Justin Brayton wins Daytona for his first career victory!

- How do you describe this moment?

- I can't even describe it. This is just a Supercross win at Daytona? Are you serious? Oh my gosh, this is so awesome. Honda, Smart Top, Mike Genova, you're the man. My wife Paige. Oh my gosh, this is just amazing. All my sponsors. Fly, [INAUDIBLE] Scott. Shimano Specialized, Garnier. The list goes on. I've had so many people that have supported me through the years. Like you said, I'm turning 34 this week. But, I feel good. I feel great. Thank you so much to my friends back home in Iowa supporting me all the years, friends in North Carolina. This is amazing. I got a Supercross win at Daytona. Crazy. Crazy.

INTERVIEWER: We're wishing we had a camera videotaping the family right now. We know how happy they all are for you. You have had three second place finishes in your past. What was different tonight in terms of putting it all together?

- Honestly don't know. I've been sick as a dog all week. And, man, it's just amazing. All the guys at Club MX. Too. They've supported me for so long. Awesome Tracks. But yeah, my family is just-- what do I say? My mom and Shad back home in Iowa. And there are so many people. And this is-- I can't even believe it. This is just crazy. Especially at Daytona. I'm not an outdoor guy. This is like an outdoor track. So, I'll take it. Man, I sprinted the first few laps. And my lungs were so closed off today. I kept saying that after every-- after the heat, and after practice, I was like, man, my lungs are just so closed off. But, I knew if I could put in some laps at the beginning, I was fast enough to get away and get a cushion. And it worked. This is awesome. This is awesome.