Jordon Smith wins the 250 main in Daytona | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Jordon Smith cruises home for the win in Daytona, dominating the 250 main event.

ANNOUNCER: Ready to drop the gate at Daytona.

Watch that inside.

Smith once again out front early.

ANNOUNCER: Martin's out there.

ANNOUNCER: Martin's on the 6.

ANNOUNCER: Cantrell with a good start.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, he's on the 43. First hole shot of the year for Jordan Smith in the main events. Forkner's back here in fourth on the number 35.

Forkner with a good drive [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, he did.

ANNOUNCER: Inside advantage for Forkner here.

ANNOUNCER: Wow. Forkner gets all the way over on him, though it looked like Cantrell was going to try to get back there on the inside.

ANNOUNCER: Here's Smith, who has other plans. Thinking about winning it all himself.

ANNOUNCER: This looks like a clear track. It's been almost perfect there.

ANNOUNCER: It's really smooth.

ANNOUNCER: Watching the qualifying practice and, of course, this heat. And he just looking really comfortable.

ANNOUNCER: Osborne was 15th when they went across the finish line jump on that first lap. He's up to fourth trying to get on a podium.

ANNOUNCER: Forkner gets past Alves.


ANNOUNCER: He made a mistake! He got too high on the berm. The front wheel went over.

ANNOUNCER: Here comes Smith. This'll be his first win in 2018, third of his career if he can just get to the finish line in front of Martin. Here they come! Smith will win Daytona!

- What worked for you tonight?

- I mean, I was getting off to a great start. My [INAUDIBLE] KTM. The Dunlop tires were hooking up amazing. And, you know, the track was extremely tough out there today. Mentally, physically, everything about it, you know.

I-- luckily, I have some really good people like Dr. Navarro, all my trainers at NCF, Tony, Colleen, Ryan, everyone. You know, Nature's Bakery, Dave and Sam from there. You know, they-- without those bars, you know, especially weeks like last week with the three motos back to back, I don't think I could stay refueled in between the motos.

So it's a great feeling to be back on top. It's not been the start that I wanted to the season but we're getting it rolling now.